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Lakehead University is committed to treating you as a valued individual and a scholar-in-training. Your skills will be fostered through personal mentoring by first-class faculty researchers and your ideas will be tested by your peers.
We are here to provide the support that will enable you to take up this profound challenge, one that tests your physical endurance, intellectual acuity, and emotional strength.
We welcome you to take up this challenge with our outstanding community of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, scholars and researchers. We invite you, in short, to realize your full potential at Lakehead by nurturing your critical thinking skills, pursuing advanced research and becoming a truly global citizen, a person who is educated, culturally sensitive and aware of social and environmental responsibilities.
By considering Lakehead as your potential academic destination, you have shown an admirable courage to change lifestyles and experience different cultures; you have already illustrated, in other words, the kind of unique curiosity and sense of adventure that marks the very best students. We are confident that you will flourish at our small, comprehensive University.
Remember, we at Lakehead International will be happy to answer your questions, provide guidance and to help, generally, in your adjustment to this new educational undertaking.
Welcome to our University. Best wishes for a rewarding, challenging and life-changing experience.
Lakehead International is located in Suite 1003, 1294 Balmoral Building

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