Thunder Bay Campus Table Bookings

Table Booking Process - Fall 2022

*Available to Internal University Departments Only. Greater Community clients please email our team at to discuss availability and pricing.


We have 4 ‘permanent’ table locations that are set up and ready for use. These are: 
- Agora 
- Regional Centre Lobby/Entrance
- Main Dining Hall Hallway
- Bartley Residence Lobby

Outdoor Spaces: 
- Library 'Courtyard' (between Regional Centre and Library) 
- Agora Entrance 'Stairs'
- Lake Tamblyn / Under the President's Balcony 
- Outdoor Classroom *Note: bookings are scheduled around academic need and in consultation with the Sustainability Office

For Outdoor Booking Requests, please specify the area you would like to use. Note that tables must be collected by 4:00pm, or additional staffing fees may apply. 

For Table Deliveries in or outside of classrooms or in different buildings, please specify the area you would like to use. Note that some areas are subject to minimum egress routes due to Fire Regulations: some areas may not be suitable for a table drop. Ensure you include a 1 hour time window around your booking for delivery and pick up - without disrupting other classes or events. 

These areas will be booked out only once per day, to allow for sanitizing between bookings and to support our staff scheduling. Due to this scheduling, your table may be dropped off early or picked up the following morning (before 8am). 

For Firepit requests, please find the information here
For requests in the 'Outpost Entrance', in the Outpost, or in the Study, please connect with LUSU directly. 


Food & Conference Services provides up to 2 tables and four chairs per table booking complimentary. Larger requests may incur some cost-recovery set up fees. If electrical power is required at your table, ensure it is included in your booking request. 

Provide on your own, or available for a minimal fee from Food & Conference Services: 
- Tablecloth(s) 
- A/V needs such as laptops 

Other considerations to include in your booking request or planning process: 
- Food Waiver Form if bringing in baking/coffee/tea 
- Music/Announcements (potential disruption to on-going classes or other events) 
- In the AGORA the Starbucks is open Monday to Friday (hours vary) 
- In the Main Dining Hall hallway, the facility is open Monday to Friday (hours vary) and the Residence Dining Hall is open 7 days a week (academic year) 
- Directional or Promotional Signage: must be reviewed by your coordinator prior to booking. 


If you would like to request a table, please refer to this calendar for availability 
[ or copy and paste this link into your browser: ]

On this calendar, we will indicate your booking by the following information. Please note this is a public calendar, and this information will be viewable by anyone with the link: 

- Name of Event
- Department 
- Booking Location 
- Timing of Event 

Once you have confirmed your availability, please fill in this Request Form. 
[or copy and paste this link into your browser: ]


We are currently offering this service without additional fees for our Internal Departments (maximum 2 tables, 4 chairs). In order to ensure that  reserved tables are utilized, a ‘No Show’ fee of $75.00 will be applied per occurrence. If staff are required to set up or collect tables outside the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm, there may be additional staffing costs. This will be tracked and billed monthly through Conference Services. 


 Parking/Unloading & Loading

Please note that stopping for long periods of time in the Agora circle or along a sidewalk is prohibited (ie. in front of CASES, MS, or RC buildings). It should be used for quick drop offs or pick-ups. To unload your vehicles, we recommend parking in a metered spot if it available then moving to the G Lot for the rest of the day.  Parking passes can be purchased upon entry ($6.50/vehicle) for the “G” lots as marked around campus. Refer to the campus map or your coordinator for nearest parking lot. Please note that between 8:15am – 8:45am the majority of students & staff arrive on campus for classes: there may be delays getting into the University at this time.  No Parking Zones and Accessible Spaces should still be honoured as and when required.

The Loading Dock can be pre-arranged on your behalf. Please inform your coordinator if you would like this option for directions & to arrange timing. We suggest that loading & unloading between the hours of 7:00am to 8:00am is most ideal. When utilizing the loading dock, ensure that no service vehicles (Aramark, Security or Physical Plant) are blocked. Your vehicle should not be left idling in this area and should be moved directly after you have finished unloading.

Use of Space Policies
Please note that postings are only permitted on bulletin boards. Tape is not permitted on walls, doors and ceilings. Food & Conference Services has the obligation to remove any unapproved postings on walls to comply with fire regulations. There may be those on campus with a severe latex allergy.  We are recommending the use of foil or plastic balloons in lieu of latex balloons for events. 

There should be no standing on chairs, tables or trolleys and any movement of furniture should be arranged through Food & Conference Services.

Food & Conference Services keeps an updated record of the conditions of meeting spaces.  Any damages or extra cleaning, excluding normal wear and tear, will become your responsibility and you may be required to pay for the cost of the extra cleaning charges or repair / replacement of any damage done to University property. 

Fire & Safety Regulations 
You should not move your table from the location it is set up: All events in the Agora or Lobby/Entrance/Hallway areas must adhere to the Fire Safety Plan as established by the Health & Safety Office of Human Resources.

In any set-up there must be a minimum of 3.5 metres of aisle/egress that can be split into a maximum of three aisles (Fire code standard is a minimum of 1.1 metres per aisle).

Electrical Use
Food & Conference Services needs to be informed of any tables requiring electricity. Preferably to avoid tripping hazards, we suggest that electrical booths be kept closest to the pillars (AGORA) or near existing wall outlets. Details such as what is being charged may be required. (Example: Large screen TV vs. iPad vs. mobile phone etc.) All extension cords must be taped down or covered, as they may cause a tripping hazard.

If any booth has music, announcements or other sounds that may be disruptive, Food & Conference Services needs to ensure that all classrooms in the vicinity of the Agora are aware in advance. The volume cannot exceed the level deemed appropriate by on-site Food & Conference Services staff. SOCAN & RE:SOUND Fees will apply to any musical event.

We respect any display or ceremony that is culturally significant for events in the Agora. We only require advance notice to inform the classrooms in the area to anticipate additional sounds, scents or music during that time. Please let Food & Conference Services know if you are planning any ceremony at least 5 days prior to the event.

Catering Policy
It is not permitted to bring outside catering onto campus without the proper food waiver forms and documents signed by the appropriate departments. This includes samples, homemade food & cultural food that is to be given/sold to students, faculty & the public. Please contact Food & Conference Services if you have any questions about the process involved in bringing in outside catering. 10 days notice is required for all requests. Additional Service Fees apply to catering not provided by our on-site caterer. Alternatively, our on-site catering (Aramark) may be suitable for your needs: please visit their website for more information.

Closest Smoking Area
Lakehead University is a non-smoking campus. Designated Smoking areas are allocated areas around campus that are designated for smoking: the closest smoking areas to Main Campus are in parking lots 5 and G14. Smoking cannabis is not permitted on campus.

Tbaytel wi-fi is available free to the public throughout Campus.  If you have trouble connecting the network, please contact the Food & Conference Services Office at (807)-343-8799.