Thunder Bay Campus Firepit

Thunder Bay: Lake Tamblyn Firepit 


LOCATION - Lake Tamblyn 

The Firepit is located next to Lake Tamblyn, a few short steps in the grass from the concrete area lakeside. There are 5 wooden benches around the fire pit and 2 picnic tables nearby. Fires on campus are only permitted within the metal ring of the fire pit located next to Lake Tamblyn with required notice.


Review the Fire Pit Rules & Regulations (below) and ensure you have approval for the fees from your Department or Faculty Head (signing authority) or LUSU Services Coordinator.

We provide the wood and some birch bark to start up your fire. You are responsible for providing your lighting tools (lighter, matches, fire starter). 


If you would like to request a table, please refer to this calendar for availability 
[ or copy and paste this link into your browser: ]

On this calendar, we will indicate your booking by the following information. Please note this is a public calendar, and this information will be viewable by anyone with the link: 

- Name of Event
- Department 
- Booking Location 
- Timing of Event 

Once you have confirmed your availability, please fill in this Request Form
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We are currently offering this service for our Internal Departments. External Organizations looking to book the Fire Pit should connect with our Conference Team at  Internal Bookings are $75.00 and include wood.  This will be tracked and billed each term through Food & Conference Services. 

We have available for rent our Fire Roasting kit ($50): which includes 10x Fire Roasting Sticks, 1x BBQ lighter, Fire Starter cubes, Fire poker, and a small 'over the coals' grill. Failure to return the fire pit kit results in a $150 fee.


Fire & Safety Regulations: Before your event, a fire extinguisher and water bucket must be made available within 10 feet of the firepit. These items must be present at all times. The fire cannot exceed the confines of the fire pit (ie over the edges).  Do not burn anything other than the provided wood in the fire pit. 

Please review the Rules for Outdoor Fireplaces from the City of Thunder Bay Fire Department  

End of Event: All combustible materials must be fully extinguished and left in place to fully cool.  Do not dispose of any materials.

Fire Bans: In the event that a fire ban is issued, all fire pit bookings will be cancelled immediately; no exceptions. A member of the Food and Conference Services team will make every effort to inform the client as soon as this information is made known.  

Music/Announcements: Users must alert Food & Conference Services of any music, announcements or other sounds that may be disruptive, as FCS will need to ensure that all residence students, staff, faculty & classrooms etc… in the vicinity of the event are notified in advance. The volume cannot exceed the level deemed appropriate by on-site FCS or Security personnel.   We respect any display or ceremony that is culturally significant for events, we only require advance notice to inform the nearby classrooms/offices/students in the area to anticipate additional sounds, scents or music during that time. Please let FCS know if you are planning any ceremony at least 5 days prior to the event.  

Catering: Users are not permitted to bring outside catering onto campus without the proper food waiver forms and documents signed by the appropriate departments. This includes samples, homemade food & cultural food that is to be given/sold to students, faculty & the public. Please contact Food & Conference Services if you have any questions about the process involved in bringing in outside catering. 10 days’ notice is required for all requests.  Alternatively, our on-site catering (ARAMARK) may be suitable for your needs. 

Smoking Area: Lakehead University is a non-smoking campus. We ask that you please respect our no smoking policy and use the closest designated smoking area. Please ask any member of our Food & Conference Services team and we will be happy to direct you to the nearest designated smoking area. Cannabis is strictly prohibited on campus.