Course Planning & Selection

Choosing the right courses for your program is an important part of your university experience.

While each program has specific courses you must complete to satisfy your program requirements, there is often flexibility in some of the other courses you can select. How you choose those courses should be based on your interests and goals. 

Pre-Course Planning Tips

The following are tips for you to consider before selecting your courses:

Review your Program Requirements – Your program has specific requirements you must satisfy in order to graduate. Familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar to ensure you are understand your course requirements as well as any regulations for your program/faculty and the university.

Identify your goals and then review your goals often – What are your academic goals and how does your program and the courses you enrol in align with those goals? This is an important aspect to think about prior to selecting your courses.

Explore your resources – Take time to investigate your options. The Academic Calendar provides course descriptions for all course offerings. If you are thinking about Graduate studies or Professional programs down the road, review the requirements for those programs to ensure you have the proper background from your studies.

Complete the Degree Audit – The My Program Requirements (Degree Audit) tool in myInfo is a great guide to help you see your program requirements. It will also help to direct you around which courses (and types) you may need to complete.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and revise your plan – University is about exercising your curiosity and discovering new subject areas. Don’t shy away from subjects outside of your comfort zone – try something new!

Add value to your program – It’s okay to have multiple interests. Minors, specializations and certificates are great ways to add value to your program while providing you the opportunity to explore areas that may be outside of your program or closely aligned to it.

Register for courses for the full academic year – When it is time to register, register for for the entire academic year and not just one term. Make a plan for the year. You can always review it again later. However, this will ensure you have the best chance of enrolling in courses you are most interested in and at the times that work best for you.