Engineering - Civil

Civil Engineering is a diverse discipline that involves the planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, highways and natural systems. Basically, you will learn to provide and improve the services the public utilizes every day.

Civil Engineering is composed of several sub-disciplines including:

  • Structural
  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Construction Project Management 

Our faculty members are specialists in their subfield, providing information on the most current theories and practices to ensure you graduate with cutting-edge experience in the industry.

Our Faculty of Engineering offers a unique four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering, accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), with an optional co-operative education component.  

The design of our program courses also grants you a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma at the end of second year, which will allow you to enter into the workforce as a Civil Engineering Technologist if you don't wish to pursue the final two years of the degree program. 

During the first two years of the Civil Engineering program, your studies will emphasize:

  • Design Determinants
  • Engineering Works and Systems
  • Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of such works and systems
  • Foundational Mathematics 

At this point you will receive your Civil Engineering Technology Diploma. If you wish to complete the four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree, your final two years of study will advance your conceptual and design capabilities in construction and operations.

Entry Points 

You may enter directly into first year if you have completed the necessary high school admission requirements or once you have completed the Common Year in Applied Science if additional academic preparation is needed.  

Qualified Engineering Technology graduates from an accredited Canadian technology program may enter into their third year of study once they have completed the required post-diploma transition courses held in the summer session. 

Lakehead Advantage 

We offer multiple entry points into our Bachelor of Engineering programs to accommodate you at any stage of your education. 

High School 

If you have met all admission requirements, you may enter into the first year of the Bachelor of Engineering program directly from high school. 

Common Year in Applied Science 

The Common Year in Applied Science is a one-year program that provides academic preparation prior to your entry into the Bachelor of Engineering program at the first year level. 

College Transfer Program 

The special design of our four-year Bachelor of Engineering degrees enables qualified Engineering Technology graduates from accredited Canadian technology programs to enter directly into their third year of the Bachelor of Engineering program after completing post-diploma transition courses offered in July and August. For more information please visit the College Transfer Program page. 

We also offer a co-operative education/internship option for all Engineering majors. You will gain at least 16months of paid, practical work experience and graduate a year later than students enrolled in the regular Bachelor of Engineering program. Visit our co-op/internship page for more information. 

We are the only Faculty of Engineering in Canada that allows you to earn a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and an Engineering Technology Diploma in four years. You will complete the requirements for an Engineering Technology Diploma in your respective field by the end of your second year. This gives added value to your undergraduate degree and provides you with the option to enter the workforce after two years of study.

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Engineering - Civil

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Engineering - Civil

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