Engineering is a broad discipline primarily focused on the design and maintenance of technological and industrial systems. Our Faculty of Engineering programs require a creative and inquisitive mind to navigate high-level problem-solving strategies across a variety of environmental, mathematical, ethical and science-based topics.

Our faculty members are leaders in their field, many of whom are involved in cutting-edge research right here on campus. As a Faculty of Engineering student you will have the opportunity to work alongside your professors on class projects and new research opportunities. We strive to make the classroom experience engaging and relevant, providing educational opportunities that inspire our graduates to revolutionize our industry.

We are the only university in Canada where you can earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Technology Diploma in just four years. We also have an innovative post-diploma College Transfer program that enables qualified Engineering Technology graduates to earn an Engineering degree within two years. A co-operative education option is also available for all of our programs, offering paid, practical experience in the field. 

Our Faculty of Engineering consists of five academic departments at the undergraduate level:

Entry Points

You may enter directly into first year if you have completed the necessary high school admission requirements or once you have completed the Common Year in Applied Science if additional academic preparation is needed.

Qualified Engineering Technology graduates from an accredited Canadian technology program may enter into their third year of study once they have completed the required post-diploma transition courses held in the summer session.  Visit our College Transfer page for more information.

Lakehead Advantage

We offer multiple entry points into our Bachelor of Engineering programs to accommodate you at any stage of your education.  

High School  

If you have met all admission requirements, you may enter into the first year of the Bachelor of Engineering program directly from high school.  

Common Year in Applied Science  

The Common Year in Applied Science is a one-year program that provides academic preparation prior to your entry into the Bachelor of Engineering program at the first year level.  

College Transfer Program  

The special design of our four-year Bachelor of Engineering degrees enables qualified Engineering Technology graduates from accredited Canadian technology programs to enter directly into their third year of the Bachelor of Engineering program after completing post-diploma transition courses offered in July and August. For more information please visit the College Transfer Program page.  

We also offer a co-operative education/internship option for all Engineering majors. You will gain at least 16 months of paid, practical work experience and graduate a year later than students enrolled in the regular Bachelor of Engineering program. Visit our co-op/internship page for more information.  

We are the only Faculty of Engineering in Canada that allows you to earn a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and an Engineering Technology Diploma in four years. You will complete the requirements for an Engineering Technology Diploma in your respective field by the end of your second year. This gives added value to your undergraduate degree and provides you with the option to enter the workforce after two years of study.