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Sociology studies all aspects of how human beings relate with each other. Such human relations range from intimate relationships, organizational and institutional dynamics, through to social processes that are felt at national and global levels. Substantive issues of interest to sociologists include health and illness, marriage and family, crime and deviance, science and technology, popular culture, social change, economy and society, gender and sexuality, education, social inequality, prejudice and discrimination, among many others.


What you will learn in Sociology

Explore the major ideas and insights of the founders of sociology, as well as contemporary thinkers who examine present-day social life. Master the essentials of social research – how to design questionnaires and carry out meaningful surveys, collect and analyze quantitative, qualitative, and historical data, and conduct participant-observation and interviews. Apply these skills to study and better understand numerous topics and issues in social life that interest you. Lakehead’s faculty are engaged in research in areas as diverse as health and illness, gerontology, gender and work, media and popular culture, the sociology of knowledge, sociological theory, sociology of the North, and global social change.

Careers in Sociology

Sociology is an ideal major for students planning to enter professions such as: social work, law, journalism and even medicine. Many graduates will decide to go into teaching or career counselling, while others enter careers in government, correctional services, community services and business. Since we teach excellent research skills, sociologists are often sought after to collect and analyze data for a wide range of organizations.



Sociology Speaker Series 1:00 PM
ATAC 5036/OA 2005


Congratulations Dr. Antony Puddephatt
Congratulation Dr. Pamela Wakewich
Congratulation Dr. Chris Sanders
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Keynote Speaker Walking in the Light Professor Chahal
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