Lakehead University 2018-2025 Strategic Plan

Lakehead University’s Board of Governors has approved the extension of our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan which has been updated and is featured below.

Lakehead University’s 2018-2025 Strategic Plan continues to be built around five interrelated and interconnected strategic themes: academic excellence, social responsibility, local and global partnerships, entrepreneurship and innovation, and capacity development. Each of these themes contributes to Lakehead University's vision and ability to provide a transformative university experience that is far from ordinary.

Turning to 2025 and beyond, we look forward to engaging with the University community during a comprehensive consultation process as part of the development of our next Strategic Plan.

Download Lakehead University’s 2018-2025 Strategic Plan here

To achieve our goals, the University will work with faculty, staff, students, and with alumni and our external partners, to adopt and implement the Plan across both campuses and incorporate it into existing and emerging collaborations.

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