Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2019-2024

Lakehead University’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (the Plan) is the culminating product of a year-long process of planning, research and consultation by the President’s taskforce of the same name, “the Taskforce”. Composed of senior administrators, academics and student leaders, this taskforce ensured that both the process for developing the Plan and its contents would be a coordinated mechanism for driving equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) change at Lakehead University (Lakehead) over five years. The Plan should be considered a living document, meaning that although its vision, mission and goals will not change, the activities will be assessed year by year to ensure that the Plan is realized. 

Click here to download an accessible copy of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan 2019-2024 


Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategies

A University that is plural and diverse in its content, structures and people.

To institutionalize equitable and inclusive principles and practices to realize a University where diversity thrives.

Goal 1: To recruit and retain a diverse student body and workforce.
Goal 2: To support and accommodate our people through equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) services
Goal 3: To innovate and lead on EDI knowledge creation and education
Goal 4: To communicate our EDI work and our EDI values
Goal 5: To encourage EDI within the University governance system

As part of these goals, the Plan further recognizes the specific situation of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and intersects targeted activities with their EDI rights.

In attaining the above goals Lakehead University will create departmental objectives as well as employ key strategies such as:

  1. Collecting data to effectively guide our EDI work.
  2. Equipping our people with the knowledge to realize EDI.
  3. Holding our people to high standards of EDI accountability.