Past Presidents

Black & White headshot of previous Lakehead President Brian Stevenson.

Dr. Brian Stevenson

President, 2010-2017

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 Picture of Frederick Gilbert

Frederick F. Gilbert

President, 1998-2010 

During his time at  Lakehead University, Gilbert was responsible for positioning Lakehead as a leader in advanced technology for communications, teaching, and learning. He helped to spearhead the establishment of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine at Lakehead and Laurentian Universities.

Picture of John Whitfield

John H.M. Whitfield

President, (Interim) 1997-1998 

Whitfield  is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics who served as Vice-President  (Academic), Interim President (1997-1998), and Vice-President Research and Development at Lakehead University. He played a key role in establishing the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

  Picture of Bob Rosehart

Robert G. Rosehart

President, 1984-1997

Rosehart initiated the $32.4-million Share Our Northern Vision   fundraising campaign and fostered the development of campus expansions, international exchange programs, and Native access programs.

 Picture of George Harrower

George A. Harrower

President, 1978-1984

Harrower is a  Professor Emeritus of Science and an Honorary Professor Emeritus of Physics. He  was one of the founders of radio astronomy in Canada.

Picture of Andrew Booth

 Andrew D. Booth

President, 1972-1978 

During his term at Lakehead, Booth was known for developing graduate programming and helping to set the stage for the University's research agenda.  Dr. Booth was a brilliant physicist, computer scientist, and engineer who helped pioneer the first computer in the mid-20th century. 

Picture of William Tamblyn

William G. Tamblyn

President, 1965-1972

As the  first President and Vice-Chancellor of Lakehead University, Tamblyn oversaw the dynamic growth of the institution in its early years. He co-authored with Harold Braun A Northern Vision: The Development of Lakehead University.