Academic Plan

Lakehead University’s 2019-2024 Academic Plan - download it here.

The overarching goal of Lakehead University’s Academic Plan is to support the realization of the University’s Academic Statement of providing an exceptional and unconventional student learning experience where students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to explore and understand the interconnections between their fields of study and the broader world through research, scholarship and experiential learning. 

Lakehead University’s 2019-2024 Academic Plan is built around four interconnected Academic Priorities, which represent key opportunities for transformational change at Lakehead over the next five years: high-quality programs; innovative and impactful research, scholarship, and creative activities; commitment to social responsibility; and Anishinaabe Miikana Gichi Kendaasiwin.

A number of interdependent Academic Strategies have been developed to support achievement of these Academic Priorities, with the goal of aligning with Lakehead’s Academic Statement and advancing the implementation of the University’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.


Academic Plan - Interim Report

Click here to download the Academic Plan - Interim Report


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