Clarence Surette

Bio-Archaeology Technician
Personnel, Technician
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 
  • 2008 MSc (Geology), Lakehead UniversityThesis: The Potential of Microfossil use in Paleodiet and Paleoenvironmental Analysis in Northwestern Ontario
  • 2005 HBA (Anthropology), Lakehead University
  • Thesis: Archaeobotanical Evidence of Maize in Southern Manitoba, A.D. 1000-1500


Previous Teaching/Work: 
 Graduate Assistant 2005-2007 
  • Geology 1111: Planet Earth with Laboratory
  • Geology 1131: Crust of the Earth with Laboratory
  • Geology 2214: Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
French Monitor 2001-2002
  •  Agnew H. Johnston, Lakehead Public Schools, Thunder Bay
  • 2007-Present:  President of the Thunder Bay Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society.
Research Interests: 

Since finishing my honours thesis in 2005, I have had a growing interest in microfossil analysis (phytoliths, pollen, starch, etc) and how it applies to reconstructing past diets and environments.  In the last few years, I've focused mainly on phytoliths for the identification of edible plants in carbonized food residues and lake sediments.  Lately, I have developed a growing interest in the identification of starch granules in various archaeological residue while still keeping a focus on phytolith identification. 


My major hobby is rock collecting, I love collecting Fossils and Minerals, or any cool rocks.  I enjoy practicing Tae Kwon Do, fishing and hiking, and recently I have begun to dabble in archery.