Dr. Metcalfe and her Graduate Students

Dr. Metcalfe and graduate students (Taylor Belot, Madison Mancusa, 
Kylan Rapai, and Holly Ascroft)


Honours Thesis Students

Lauryn Eady-Sitar, Lakehead University (2022 - 2023)  Sulfur isotope preservation and paleoecological implications for mammoths and mastodons of the Great Lakes region

Madison Mancusa, Lakehead University (2020 - 2021), Histological insights into developmental stages of archaeological bison bone

Master's Students

Holly Ascroft, MSc, (2022 – present). Reconstructing megaherbivore diets from Pleistocene plants and poop

Kylan Rapai, MSc, (2022 – present). Using ancient hair for a zooarchaeological exploration of Promontory Caves

Taylor Belot, MSc, (2021 - present)  Stable isotope discrimination factors in modern boreal animal tissues

Madison Mancusa, MSc, (2021 - 2023)  A multi-substrate strontium isotope baseline for the Promontory Caves, Utah: Implications for studies of ancient bison migration

Elizabeth Carpenter, MSc (2020 - 2022)  Tsattine people and bison: Pre-colonial relationships and ancestral territories

Nico Alamsyah, MSc  (2019 – 2021) Nitrogen and carbon stable isotope analysis of Holocene pigs from Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia) Co-supervised with Matthew Tocheri