My research interests include:

  • Stable isotope analysis and microscopic examination of animal remains (applications and method development)
  • Large terrestrial herbivores in North America (especially mammoths, mastodons, bison) and their relationships with humans and the environment
  • Paleodiet and paleoecology
  • Animal personhood
  • Community and Indigenous archaeology

I encourage students interested in undergraduate or graduate opportunities in these areas to contact me.

My current SSHRC Insight Development Grant project (2019-present), titled Dene Bison Hunting and Migration: Western Science and Indigenous Perspectives, is being conducted in partnership with Victoria Wanihadie (Beaver) of the Tsattine Resurgence Society and collaborators at the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and Western University. The overall goal of the project is to combine Western science and Indigenous perspectives on bison in northern Utah and northern Alberta, that are critical for understanding both Dene migrations and bison-hunting.

Learn more about our project on our website,