Dr. Douglas Hayes

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 346-8010ext. 7885
Office Location: 
RB 3033
Office Hours: 
email to arrange a virtual appointment
Academic Qualifications: 

PhD, University of Toronto

Previous Teaching/Work: 
1st YEAR 
  • English 1015 - Introduction to Academic Writing 
  • English 1111 - Literature Written in English Before 1750
  • English 1112 - Literature Written in English After 1750 
  • English 1115 - Foundations of Literary Study
2nd YEAR
  • English 2250 - History of English Literature I
3rd YEAR 
  • English 3010 - Medieval and Tudor Drama
  • English 3015 - Chaucer
  • English 3031 - Advanced Rhetoric
  • English 3911 - Medieval Morality Plays
4th YEAR 
  • English 4010 - Medieval Drama: The York Cycle
  • English 4011 - Medieval Morality Plays 
  • English 4011 - Poetry of 15th Century
  • English 4011 - Tudor Bibles
  • English 4011 - Renaissance Rhetorics
  • English 4013 – Honours Seminar in Medieval and Early Modern Literatures:  Morality Plays
Graduate Courses
  • English 5110 - The Scots Makars
  • English 5117 - Poetry & Drama of Christopher Marlowe
  • English 5411 - Translating the Middle Ages
  • English 5790 - Theories of Language, Literature, and Culture (team taught)


Research Interests: 

Douglas Hayes works on early English drama with an emphasis on Medieval morality plays and Tudor interludes, and scholarly editing.

His secondary research interests include fifteenth- and sixteenth-century English and Scottish drama, poetry and rhetoric. In addition to his book, Rhetorical Subversion in the Early English Drama (2004), he has edited the poetry of the Scots Makars for the Broadview Anthology of British Literature, 2nd ed. (2009) and Uplian Fulwell's interlude Like Will Unto Like for the Broadview Anthology of Medieval Drama (2013) and has also published articles on The Castle of Perseverance and the N-Town Plays, the rhetorician Thomas Blount, the late Middle Scots play Philotus, and an algorithmic analysis of alliteration in the York Cycle.

His current research project, is an edition of Richard Holland's Buke of the Howlat for the Middle English Texts series of the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages (TEAMS).