Dan Brazeau holding a Pantherophis gloydi

Dan Brazeau


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+1 (807) 346-7739
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CB 3020A
Office Hours: 
Made by Appointment  
Academic Qualifications: 

Honours Bachelor Environmental Studies and Biology Lakehead University

Masters of Science Biology Lakehead University

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Date joined Lakehead: 
Sept 2015
Research Interests: 

Hecnar. S. J., D. B. Brazeau and D. R. Hecnar. 2015. Tales of Blue Tails: Over 25 Years of Five-Lined Skink Research in Southwestern Ontario. The Canadian Herpetologist 5(2): 6-9.

Brazeau, D., R. Freitag, S.J. Hecnar. 2015. Comparing diet of the Common Five-lined Skink among locations and time. Herpetology Review: submitted and under review.

Brazeau, D., and S.J. Hecnar. 2014. Identification of canopy cover thresholds for the Five-lined Skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) near the northern extent of its range. Presentation at 1st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Herpetological Society, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. Sept. 19-22, 2014.

Plant and animal photos