A Showcase of Lakehead University Researchers

Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 10:00am to 11:30am EST
Event Location: 
Lakehead University Faculty Lounge

About the Event

It’s time to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible research being done at Lakehead University! From advances in science and technology to new insights in the social sciences and humanities, join our researchers as they present the highlights of their most innovative and impactful research endeavours.  No matter what your interests, this event will have something for everyone.

A question period will follow the presentations, to allow you to engage with the researchers, ask questions, and delve deeper into their findings. This interactive segment will provide a platform for fruitful discussions and the exchange of ideas.  This event offers an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the diverse research disciplines at Lakehead and connect with fellow enthusiasts.


Dr. Abigale Sprakes, School of Social Work, "Don't Tell Me to Stop; Help Me to Stay Alive."

Dr. Leila Pakzad, Department of Chemical Engineering, Drug Delivery via the Respiratory Tract

Dr. Nicholas Ravanelli, School of Kinesiology, "It's getting hot out there": Identifying Factors Influencing Heat-vulnerability 

Dr. Abdulsalam Yassine, Department of Software Engineering, Breaking Barriers: AI-Enabled Sustainable Transportation for Northern Communities

Dr. Amanda Maranzan, Department of Psychology, Reducing Mental Illness Stigma on Postsecondary Campuses

Dr. Noah Phillips, Department of Geology, Determining the Physics of Earth Processes through Teeny-Tiny Observations

Dr. Erin Pearson School of Kinesiology, What Moves You? Getting Curious about Physical Activity Coaching

Dr. Adam Algar, Department of Biology, Living on the (Range) Edge

Dr. Paul Cormier, Keewatinase - Department of Indigenous Education, Faculty of Education, Indigenous Community Based Research?