To be honest, when I first heard of Humanities 101, learning was not first on my list of priorities. I was thinking it would be a good "free" meal and I would not have to eat alone. I had just come out of a very long and abusive marriage and was not used to being out at night let alone being around so many strangers in a higher education setting. It was overwhelming, but Christina, Nadine and all the other professors made us feel so welcome that I found that, for at least some of the time I was in the classroom, I was able to focus on what was being taught instead of being in a constant struggle and feeling that horrible overwhelming feeling you get when you are trying to get your life back. I found myself looking forward to the lectures every week and it was such a great experience to get to go to the art gallery and have such a good night learning about art/history, making our own art and having a wonderful meal. I can't say enough about Humanities 101 and the people who are involved with it. They are so genuine and caring. When I was younger, I was not fortunate enough to have any teachers who had the passion the way these people do. I feel so blessed that I got to experience what true teachers are really about and I know that I will continue to keep my mind open to what this world has to offer.

Being involved in the course helped me realize that I am worthwhile. As hard as life is for me right now, I know that it will eventually get better. I feel myself starting to get out of "survival" mode and into the next phase of my life. I highly recommend this course to others and for those able to support it, know that it really does make a difference in people's lives.