Faculty Council Meeting - Final Meeting for Calendar Changes for 2018/2019 - Deadline for Submissions: 4:30 pm on January 3/2018

Friday, January 5, 2018 - 10:30am
ATAC 3004/OA 3041

Date:        January 5, 2018
To:            Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Subject:     COUNCIL MEETING         
There will be a meeting of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council on:
FRIDAY, JANUARY 5th FROM 10:30 AM to NOON IN ATAC 3004 / OA 3041.


Toll Free:
47311# <== Please remember the # key.


RPD #: 8847311

 1.    Approval of Agenda.

 2.    Approval of the following Minutes:   December 8, 2017.

 3.    Business Arising from the Minutes.

 4.    Dean’s Report.

 5.    Departmental/School Reports.
    i)  History:  Calendar Change:
    2017-SOC-6292:  Courses-Modifications and New-UG-Religious Studies.

    ii)  Indigenous Learning:  Calendar Changes:  
    2017-SOC-6298:  Discontinuing Indigenous Learning 3333.
    2017-SOC-6382:  Cross Listing Anthropology and Indigenous Learning courses.
    2017-SOC-6391:  Course title change for Indigenous Learning 3351.
    2017-SOC-6446:  Update language to current standards.   

 iii)  Interdisciplinary Studies:  Calendar Changes:

   2017-SOC-6460-A:  Media Studies Course changes.

  2017-SOC 6460-B:  Media Studies Course changes.

  2017-SOC-6442:  Cross-List MDST 3410 with WOME 3410.

 iv)  Music:  Calendar Changes:

  2018-SOC-6471:  Change Requirements for Artist Certificate program to 1.0 FCE.

  iv)  Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism:  Calendar Changes:

  2017-SOC-5682-B:  Programs-New-UG-Outdoor Rec-Confederation College Travel and Eco-Adventure Diploma to HBOR Transfer (originally submitted under request number 2016-SOC-5518).

 2017-SOC-6455:  Modify OUTD 3715. 

2017-SOC-6456:  Discontinuation of MES in Nature-Based Recreation and Tourism.

2017-SOC-6457:  OUTD 3610 Title change and course description.

2017-SOC-6458:  OUTD 4611 title change and course description change.

 2018-SOC-6464:  Discontinuation of MES courses.

 2018-SOC-6465:  Discontinuation of two MES courses.

 2018-SOC-6466-A-A:  Addition of Indigenous Learning 1100 to year 1 in all HBOR programs.

 2018-SOC-6475-A:  Addition of Indigenous Learning 1100 as another elective choice in Year 1.

 2018-SOC-6480:  Addition of Indigenous Learning 1100 as an additional elective choice in Year 1 under "(d) one of"

 2018-SOC-6481:  OUTD 4920 name change and other modifications.

 v)  Women's Studies:  Calendar Changes:

  2018-SOC-6484:  cross list request with Media Studies in Orillia.

 6.    Other Business.

 7.    Next Faculty Council Meeting:    Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at 10:30 am.
       Rooms:  ATAC 5036/ Orillia 3041

 8.    Adjournment.


 December 8, 2017

A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, December 8rd, 2017, at 1:00 pm in ATAC Board Room 5036/ Orillia 3041 – Teleconference/PolyCom.

D. Geer led a discussion regarding diversity and equity.  The possibility of a pilot project and training for our Faculty was discussed.

Approval of Agenda
It was moved by K. Holmes and seconded by R. Maundrell that the agenda be approved.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved by R. Maundrell and seconded by M. Beaulieu that the amended minutes from Friday, November 3rd, 2017 be approved.

Business Arising from the Minutes


Dean’s Report

Dean’s Report to Faculty Council, Friday, December 8th, 2017
Preview Day
All were thanked for their contribution to Preview Day on December 5th.  Due to the weather conditions, there will be another event held for local students in the new year.

A survey assessing student awareness and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples will be sent out to graduating students at Lakehead early next year.  This follows after an initial conversation with Denise Baxter, Vice-Provost, Aboriginal Initiatives.  

Survey RE: Accessibility Study
The Office of Human Rights and Equity will be conducting an accessibility study. They will be sending out a survey to all faculty, students and staff for them to complete. Please respond to Amna Siddiqui, Coordinator, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, if you are interested in participating. R. Koster has forwarded her email to all Chairs/Directors.

CEDL Update
All submissions for spring and summer courses have been accepted.  If, however, enrolment for these courses does not meet the required 15 students, they will be cancelled three weeks in advance of their start date.  
A memo to Chairs/Directors for Fall/Winter course offerings will be sent out shortly.  Not all proposals will be accepted, and courses will be monitored carefully for enrolment.  A short discussion followed.

Hiring proposals for 2018/2019 are due to the Dean’s Office by December 21 and will then be forwarded on the Provost’s Office for consideration.  Replacement hires and deferred decisions will be considered first with strategic hires after that.  It was mentioned that there will not be many hires in this category but that it was/is important to submit requests now for consideration later.  A template will be sent out soon which will outline what criteria/information is required.

Orillia Visit
Thank you to all in Orillia for such a great visit..!

Departmental/School Reports

i)  Indigenous Learning:  Calendar Changes:
As there was no one from Indigenous Learning to speak to the calendar changes, they were tabled until the next Faculty Council Meeting on January 5th, 2018.
2017-SOC-6298:  Discontinuing Indigenous Learning 3333.
2017-SOC-6382:  Cross Listing Anthropology and Indigenous Learning courses
2017-SOC-6391:  Course title change for Indigenous Learning 3351.
2017-SOC-6446:  Update language to current standards.

ii)  Interdisciplinary Studies:  Calendar Changes:  
It was moved by A. den Otter and seconded by H. Lemelin that the calendar changes for Interdisciplinary Studies be approved.
2017-SOC-6337:  Change to course list for HBASC Human Nature Concentration.
2017-SOC-6441:  Cross-Calendared SOCI 3811 and MDST 3811.


iii)  Music: Calendar Changes:  
It was moved by A. Carastathis and seconded by H. Lemelin that the calendar changes for Music be approved.
2017-SOC-6433:  Delete course MUSI 4951 ½ credit – change to Music 4900 Full credit course.
2017-SOC-6434:  Create new full credit course from previous half credit course.

v)  Political Science:  Calendar Change:
It was moved by Z. Wai and seconded by M. Flegel that the calendar change for Political Science be approved.
2017-SOC-6383:  POLI 3351 – Change description.

vi)  Sociology:  Calendar Changes:
It was moved by T. Puddephatt and seconded by M. Flegel that the calendar changes for Sociology be approved.
2017-SOC-6404:  New Course.
2017-SOC-6408:  New Course 3011 – Islam and the West.
2017-SOC-6411:  New Course SOCI 2012.
2017-SOC-6412:  New Course SOCI 5011.
2017-SOC-6443:  NOTE added to SOC. 3112, 4010,4114.

vii)  Visual Arts:  Calendar Changes:  
It was moved by K. Holmes and seconded by M. Flegel that the calendar changes for Visual Arts be approved.
2017-SOC-6373: FCE Changes.
2017-SOC-6374:  New/deleted courses.
2017-SOC-6432:  Add Cross Listed Course.

vii) History:  Calendar Changes:
It was moved by M. Beaulieu and seconded by R. Maundrell that the calendar changes for History be approved.
2017-SOC-6403:  Courses-New-and-Modifications-UG-History.
2017-SOC-6488:  Courses-Modifications-UG-History-Changes_Second_Year_Prerequisitesw (global).


This course was tabled for further discussion until the next Faculty Council meeting on January 5th, 2018.
2017-SOC-6292:  Courses-Modifications and New-UG-Religious Studies.

Other Business

1.    Policies, Exams and Timely Feedback
    R. Koster reminded everyone that there are to be no exams in the last two weeks of classes.  She also mentioned the importance of timely feedback to students.  She will be sending out information (policies) regarding these two items to all Chairs.

2.    Items for Provost’s Report
    R. Koster stated the C. Ridley is looking for items to put forward for the Provost’s Report.  She encouraged Chairs/Directors to submit a couple of lines with regard to what is happening within their departments/school to the Provost’s Office.

3.    United Way
    M. Flegel spoke about the annual giving for the United Way.  She stated that the United Way supports many groups and local charities and was hoping that Lakehead would take on more of a leadership role.  She encouraged everyone to support this worthy cause.  An email will be sent out to reminding people of this.

7.  Next Faculty Council Meeting:  Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at 10:30 am; Room:  ATAC 5036/OA 3041.

It was moved by M. Flegel and A. Carastathis that the meeting be adjourned.

Thunder Bay Campus
Dr. M. Flegel
Dr. T. Puddephatt
Dr. R. Maundrell
Dr. K. Holmes
Dr. Z. Wai
Dr. R. Koster
Dr. A. Carastathis
Dr. M. Beaulieu
Dr. H. Lemelin

Orillia Campus
M. Stevenson
A. den Otter

A. Guttman
L. Chambers
J. Roth
R. Robson
I. Lemée
S. Jeppesen

D. Ivison