Faculty Council Meeting

Friday, November 25, 2016 - 10:00am
ATAC 5037/AO 3041

Faculty Council Meeting

Friday, November 25, 2016 - 10:00am
ATAC 5037/AO 3041


Date: November 25, 2016

To: Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Subject: Council Meeting



Ms. Anna Sampson - United Way Campus Campaign Coordinator

1. Approval of Agenda.
2. Approval of the following Minutes: Friday, October 28, 2016.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes.

4. Dean's Report.

5. Assistant Dean's Report.

6. Departmental/School Reports.

i) History: Calendar Changes: 2016-SOC-5960 - Reactivation UG-History 2nd year course; 2016-SOC-5961 - New-UG-History-2nd year course; 2016-SOC-5962 - New-UG-History-2nd year course; 2016-SOC-5963 - Discontinue-UG-2nd year course; 2016-SOC-5964 - Discotinue-UG-2nd and 3rd year course; 2016-SOC-5968 - Discontinue-UG-Northern Studies-2nd year courses.

ii) Interdisciplinary Studies: Calendar Changes: 2016-SOC-5947 - Courses-Modification-UG-CRIM 3350- Pre-requisite; 2016-SOC-5957 - CRIM 4113-Course-Cross-listing with POLI 4113.

iii) Languages: Calendar Changes: 2016-SOC-5879 - Programs-Modifications-UG-Languages-Change to New Course Types and add Indigenous Content Requirement; 2016-SOC-5906 - Courses-Modifications-UG-Languages-New description added to notes.

iv) Outdoor Recreation: Calendar Change: 2016-SOC-5925 - New College Pathways Programs for ORPT.

v) Philosophy: Calendar Change: 2016-SOC-5943 - Courses-Modifications-UG-Philosophy.

vi) Political Science: Calendar Change: 2016-SOC-5959 - Cross Calendaring POLI and CRIM 4113.

7. Other Business.

i)  Loading Sheets 2017/2018
8. Next Faculty Council Meeting: Friday, December 16, 2016 at 10:00 am., ATAC 5037/OA 3041
9. Adjournment.



 October 28, 2016
A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, October 28, 2016, at 1:00 pm in ATAC Board Room 3004/OA 3041.
Presentation:  Ms. Emily Shandruk, Manager, Undergraduate Recruitment, gave a PowerPoint presentation on campus tours and the best ways to showcase your programs.  
Approval of Agenda
 It was moved by M. Beaulieu and seconded by J. Roth that the agenda be approved.

Approval of Minutes
It was moved by R. Koster and seconded by I. Lemée that the minutes from Friday, October 28, 2016 be approved.

Business Arising from the Minutes
Dean’s Report
Dean’s Report to Faculty Council, Friday, October 28, 2016
Just a note that I was acclaimed as the decanal representative appointed to the PTR Committee for this academic year as the interim appointment for the Dean of Science and Environmental Studies is only until December 31, 2016.
There have been several procedural changes to the merit process coming out of the new Collective Agreement that include faculty ballots for a Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities representative on the Merit Committee and the necessity for a letter from the Dean to accompany each file. Also note that there will no longer be a decanal representative on the Merit Committee starting this year.

Sabbatical Applications
I have received and forwarded all sabbatical requests from our faculty along to the Office of Human Resources for verification of eligibility. Once I have received confirmation back from the HR office, I will be in contact with Chairs/Director concerning plans for course coverage resulting from faculty leaves. Just by way of a reminder, each unit will be given 1 FCE to cover a 12 month leave, but that there are no funds to assist units for a six month leave.

VP International
An announcement for the position as the new Vice-Provost International is imminent. I share this update with our faculty because international initiatives are a key focus for our Faculty and an announcement of a new VP International means that we can continue to develop strategies on this front.

There is ongoing work through sub-committee activity specific to recruitment and retention initiatives. We are looking towards the November 4th deadline for the counting of confirmed student enrolments for the 2016/17 academic year, which will form the foundation for the 2017/18 budget exercise. This information will then allow the Provost to announce dates for the submission of requests for replacement and strategic hires across the institution.

Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities Search
For information only, the job for the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has been posted on the LU website and advertised in the Globe and Mail, and online on Academica.

Assistant Dean’s Report
Friday October 28th, SSH Faculty Council Meeting
1.    Newsletter - will be ongoing with the good work Anna started; next issue is targeted for January.
2.    Specialist High Skills Majors and recruitment - I looked up high schools with specializations that relate to our programs and plan to send them a letter from the Chair of the program along with copies of brochures. Target date is end of November.
3.    Student Ambassadors - seeking nominations of students from the various departments to invite students to a meeting to get them information on becoming Student Ambassadors for our Faculty/Programs.
4.    Reminder to complete the SEM Recruitment Activities survey.

Departmental/School Reports
i)  History:
It was moved by M. Beaulieu and seconded by A. Guttman that the following Calendar change for History be approved: 2016-SOC-5918 - Courses-Reactivation-UG-History 3rd Year Courses.

ii)  Languages
The calendar changes for Languages were tabled until the next Faculty Council meeting.
ii)  Outdoor Recreation
It was moved by R. Koster and seconded by I. Lemée that the following Calendar changes for Outdoor Recreation be approved: 2016-SOC-5926; 2016-SOC-5927; 2016-SOC-5930; 2016-SOC-5931; 2016-SOC-5932.
v)  Social Justice Studies
It was moved by J. Roth and seconded by R. Martin that the following Calendar changes for Social Justice Studies be approved: 2016-SOC-5822 - Social Justice Studies - New course for Social Justice Studies Program - Graduate Level; 2016-SOC-5825 - New Course for the Social Justice Studies Program.

Other Business
i)  Carry Forward
D. Jobin-Bevans stated that he now has money in our Carry Forward account.  He encouraged faculty to ask for support for students, speaker series and new initiatives.

ii) Calendar Changes
A. Carastathis stated that he noticed changes in course listings from Group 1 and 2 to Type A and B.  M. Stevenson stated that all departments/schools had to make this required change.

7.  Next Faculty Council Meeting:  November 25, 2016 in ATAC 5037/OA 3041.
 It was moved by R. Koster and seconded by A. den Otter that the meeting be adjourned.

 Thunder Bay Campus
R. Martin
R. Robson
I. Lemée
A. Guttman
A. Carastathis
P. Cain
R. Maundrell
J. Roth
R. Koster
M. Beaulieu

Orillia Campus
M. Stevenson
A. den Otter
D. Jobin-Bevans
R. McVeigh
S. Islam
L. Fiddick

R. Harpelle
T. Puddephatt
B. Vernier