PhD in Software Engineering *

Our PhD program in Software Engineering is designed to satisfy the demand in academia and industry for highly qualified personnel in the field of Software Engineering. Our students are called upon to perform highly specialized and original research that makes a distinct contribution of knowledge to one of the major focus areas of our program: Pervasive & Mobile Computing, Healthcare Informatics, Intelligent systems, Data Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Networks & Security, Internet of Things & Cloud Computing. Under the supervision of one of our faculty members, our PhD candidates learn to review the state of current theoretical and technical knowledge in a software engineering research area, to identify strengths and weaknesses in this research area and to devise a new research initiative to contribute to this research area. Students must carry out their research work with objectivity and care, and they are expected to document and publish their results in internationally recognized journals and conferences.

Full details on the degree requirements can be obtained by viewing the Calendar entry.

*  Applications currently not accepted for this program.

Information for Prospective Students

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Contact Information
For information about the PhD program in Software Engineering contact:

Engineering Graduate Administrator
Phone: (807) 766-7140
Office: CB 4067