Resources on Campus

Gender Issues Centre (GIC) house a growing collection of books, journals and video tapes of interest to students in Gender and Women’s Studies.  With counseling, career information and other resources available, the Gender Issues Centre provides a welcoming environment in which to exchange ideas or simply rest with a cup of coffee.  For current News & Events and complete information about the centre please see our website at
PRIDE CENTRAL is a service centre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, and queer students, but our services are available to all students and community members. We work towards ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. We encourage you to use Pride Central as a safe and supportive environment where you can engage with your own identity, connect with others, and flourish as a healthy, informed person passionate about social justice.

Pride Central offers a variety of social services, including a resource library of books, movies, music, leaflets, magazines, and zines, all of which deal primarily with sexual diversity, gender identity, and queer issues. Our space also features comfy couches, computers for public use, and a TV for watching videos. The centre's staff provides peer support and referral to on and off campus services you might benefit from. We also organize social events, as well as develop and deliver educational workshops on request. Through various strategies, we advocate for the visibility of queer-friendly and queer-identified messages at LU and facilitate access to alternative media and community events with a queer focus.

Throughout the school year, our activities include awareness campaigns, discussion groups, and movie nights. Our biggest event is a week-long queer pride celebration called Pride in the North. If you want to help make our services and activities successful, you can join us as a volunteer. Otherwise, you're free to enjoy everything Pride Central has to offer as part of your university experience.

For complete and current information and listing of events, please see the Pride Central website. 

Resources Off Campus

The broader community provides a variety of resources to Gender and Women’s Studies students.

The Confederation College Library houses the Mary Smith Memorial Collection.

The Northern Women’s Bookstore carries a wide range of scholarly and popular material from self-help books to novels, poetry and autobiographies by women.
65 Court Street, Thunder Bay.  (807)-344-7979

The Northern Women’s Centre houses a book and audiovisual resource collection, with a comprehensive library of government and non-government publication relating to women, and provides support services to women in the community.
184 Camelot Street, Thunder Bay.  (807)-345-7802

The Thunder Bay Sexual Assault Crisis & Counselling  Centre
24 Hour Support Crisis Line: 344-4502     Business Line: 345-0894

Native Women’s Crisis Line:  622-5101

Northwestern Ontario Women’s Decade Council:   683-5662

Faye Peterson Transition House:   345-0450