Sex, Gender, and Species (2023 Spring Course)

Course Description: Sex, Gender, and Species
In this course, we will undertake a critical feminist analysis of the questions “what is a woman?” and “what is an animal?” Drawing on interspecies feminist theory, we will consider the ways that women and animals have been constructed, objectified, and entangled in social and cultural practices – including the discourses and material consequences of Western ethics, science, consumption, and entertainment. Throughout the course, an aim is for you to grapple with interspecies feminist theory to develop responses that move beyond biological determinism, and do not draw a line at the human boundary. 

Delivery Method: Web based
Course Start/ End: 2023-05-01 to 2023-06-12
Instructor: Dr. Jan Oakley
Course code: WOME-2111-SDE
Credit Weight: 0.5 FCE