The Women's Studies Department joins Canada's Women's and Gender Studies et recherches féministes in condemnation of recent anti-Muslim violence

January 30, 2017

Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féminstes condemns in the strongest way the anti-Muslim events that have unfolded over the weekend: the travel ban in the US and the confusion and disarray this has engendered, and the shootings yesterday at a Québec City mosque. As an academic association dedicated to the critical analysis of identity and power, we denounce acts and rhetorics designed to create divisiveness and intolerance. The tragic events of people being targeted for who they are goes against all principles of human and social justice that our association reflects, as well as broader Canadian values based on diversity, inclusion and respect for which this association stands. We offer our deepest sympathy to everyone targeted by these related events, and our full and ongoing support to everyone fighting against them. Together, united in our differences, we will continue to work, in collaboration with others, towards a more just and equitable world for all.