MA student receives SSHRC Fellowship

Congratulations to Regina Belloso for receiving a SSHRC Fellowship!

Image of MA Student Regina Belloso.

Regina Belloso, MA in Sociology with specialization in Women’s Studies candidate, 2014 

Thesis Adviser: Dr. Jennifer Jarman

I am currently conducting research for my Thesis project on the Poverty Reduction Act, 2009 and what this piece of legislation, passed under the McGuinty Liberal Government, means for Northern Ontario women and their families who struggle with poverty and/or violence.

My research will ultimately aim to investigate the structural violence, economic and other social barriers facing low-income and other marginalized groups of women after the dissolution of abusive relationships in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Coupling Social theory with a Feminist analysis, I intend to analyze the current state of poverty in Northern Ontario and the implications of the increasing rates of police reported violent crimes on women in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  By focusing on the Poverty Reduction Act, I will be able to shine light onto what must be done to enhance the lives of women and children living with poverty and/or violence.