Final Marks Process

Marks Submission

Marks are submitted to the Registrar’s office by the due date using Marks Management. You will receive an email from the Administrative Assistant reminding you of the date. Provide a hard copy of your final marks printed from Marks Management for the Chair to sign. Marks need to be signed off by the Chair before they’re finalized by the Registrar.

Irregular Marks

  • FNW [Failed Not Withdrawn] is assigned when a student failed the course because they did not attend, and did not hand anything in; or they stopped attending and handing things in for the majority of the class. Entered as either FNW or 01FNW, depending on which is working that day. A grade of FNW is not calculated into the student’s average.


  • INC [Incomplete] is assigned to a student who has made arrangements with you, for a bona fide reason and having provided appropriate documentation, to hand in an assignment after the final marks’ due date. There is a 3 month limit, at which point the Registrar’s office automatically transfers the grade. Entered as [student’s grade]INC (i.e.: 49INC). If you and the student arrange for a final date that falls after 3 months, the Registrar’s office requests that it be as close to the 3 month cut-off as possible, and that you give them notice.

Change of Mark Form

Used if you need to change a mark after you have submitted the final grades use this form.

Student Work and Exams

Any leftover student work or exams is stored for one year by the Administrative Assistant. Please don’t take leftover student work home with you.

Incompletes, Deferrals, etc.

If you have arranged an incomplete, deferral, or other, leave copies of the term’s grade breakdown with the Admin Assist, all the information pertaining to the circumstance and expectations attached to the particular student, their assigned final grade, and any other information you think may be required if we are unable to contact you when the student does finish their coursework. All of this information will be kept securely by the Administrative Assistant in the main office.