Congratulations Dr. Barbara Parker.

Canadian Food Studies/La Revue canadienne des études sur l'alimentation has just published

Vol 5, No 1 (2018): Special Issue: A spotlight on feminist food studies

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Click on this link.

We hope you are inspired by the insights and diversity inherent in these original research articles, perspectives and audiovisual works.

Sincere thanks to the guest editors of this special issue, Jennifer Brady, Barbara Parker, Susan Belyea, and Elaine Power; to the authors (listed below); and to the peer reviewers who generously gave their time and expertise.

-Ellen, Wes, Allee, and Natalie

Ellen Desjardins, PhD (Editor)

Wesley Tourangeau, PhD (Associate and Managing Editor)
Alyson Holland, PhD (Associate Editor)
Natalie Doonan, PhD (Associate Editor)


    1. Editorial: "Filling our plate: A spotlight on feminist food studies" (Jennifer Brady, Barbara Parker, Susan Belyea, Elaine Power)
    1. "Rights for whom? Linking baby’s right to eat with economic, social, and cultural rights for women" (Christina Doonan)
    1. "Old habits die hard: The need for feminist rethinking in global food and agricultural policies" (Andrea M. Collins)
    1. "Waste management as foodwork: A feminist food studies approach to household food waste" (Carly Fraser, Kate Parizeau)
    1. "An ecofeminist perspective on new food technologies" (Angela Lee)
    1. "Finding formula: Community-based organizational responses to infant formula needs due to household food insecurity" (Lesley Frank)
    1. "'Sometimes I feel like I’m counting crackers': The household foodwork of low-income mothers, and how community food initiatives can support them" (Mary Anne Martin)
    1. "Faux-meat and masculinity: The gendering of food on three vegan blogs" (Dana Hart)
    1. "Voir le jour: Breastfeeding and the commons" (Natalie Doonan)