Congratulations Dr. Barbara Parker.

Canadian Food Studies/La Revue canadienne des études sur l'alimentation has just published

Vol 5, No 1 (2018): Special Issue: A spotlight on feminist food studies

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We hope you are inspired by the insights and diversity inherent in these original research articles, perspectives and audiovisual works.

Sincere thanks to the guest editors of this special issue, Jennifer Brady, Barbara Parker, Susan Belyea, and Elaine Power; to the authors (listed below); and to the peer reviewers who generously gave their time and expertise.

-Ellen, Wes, Allee, and Natalie

Ellen Desjardins, PhD (Editor)

Wesley Tourangeau, PhD (Associate and Managing Editor)
Alyson Holland, PhD (Associate Editor)
Natalie Doonan, PhD (Associate Editor)


    1. Editorial: "Filling our plate: A spotlight on feminist food studies" (Jennifer Brady, Barbara Parker, Susan Belyea, Elaine Power)
    1. "Rights for whom? Linking baby’s right to eat with economic, social, and cultural rights for women" (Christina Doonan)
    1. "Old habits die hard: The need for feminist rethinking in global food and agricultural policies" (Andrea M. Collins)
    1. "Waste management as foodwork: A feminist food studies approach to household food waste" (Carly Fraser, Kate Parizeau)
    1. "An ecofeminist perspective on new food technologies" (Angela Lee)
    1. "Finding formula: Community-based organizational responses to infant formula needs due to household food insecurity" (Lesley Frank)
    1. "'Sometimes I feel like I’m counting crackers': The household foodwork of low-income mothers, and how community food initiatives can support them" (Mary Anne Martin)
    1. "Faux-meat and masculinity: The gendering of food on three vegan blogs" (Dana Hart)
    1. "Voir le jour: Breastfeeding and the commons" (Natalie Doonan)

    Congratulations on your new book Dr. Jennifer Jarman.

    Exploring Social Inequality in the 21st Century

    New Approaches, New Tools, and Policy Opportunities

    In a world where the effects of inequality occupy an increasingly prominent place on the public agenda, this book provides up-to-date and thorough analysis from the perspective of a group of researchers at the forefront of social stratification analysis. Exploring Social Inequality in the 21st Centuryprovides the reader with a clear and critical overview of current debates about social inequality. It includes new information, tools and approaches to conceptualising and measuring social stratification and social class, as well as informative case studies. Throughout, the researchers describe the direct and indirect costs of social inequality.

    Divided into two parts – Conceptualising and Measuring Inequality, and Costs and Consequences of Inequality in the areas of Education, Employment, and Global Wealth – it includes new findings about the growth of wealth inequality in the G20 countries, and a detailed examination of tax policies designed to reduce inequality without affecting economic growth. With substantial contributions to the analysis of inequalities in education, and explanations of the processes and consequences of social and gender-based exclusion, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding contemporary social inequality.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Contemporary Social Science.

    For more information, please follow this link.

    Congratulations on your new book Dr. Randle W. Nelsen.

    Degrees of Failure

    University Education in Decline

    By Randle W. Nelsen  

    Degrees of Failure

    In Degrees of Failure, Randle Nelsen brings together such diverse topics as campus parking, college sports, helicopter parents, edu-business as edu-tainment, and technology in teaching to show how continuing inequities, grounded in large part upon social class differences, are maintained and reproduced in our universities.

    Paying special attention to the role played by professors in solidifying status-quo arrangements, Nelsen makes the strange familiar for those outside the university bureaucracy and the familiar strange for those whose participation in university settings is a routine part of everyday life.

    • Paperback / softback, 152 pages
    • ISBN 9781771133340
    • Published September 2017

    Congratulations Dr. Kevin Willison

     Dr. Willison is part of the CIHR's Celebrating Health Research Project  - as part of Canada's 150th celebration. 

    From patient to professor: Paying it forward

    This former Toronto Sick Kids’ patient is dedicated to broadening his students’ perspectives on their role in reducing health disparities by better understanding the social determinants of health.

    Dr. Kevin Willison, Lakehead University.

    I began my formal journey into health care services research after completing a PhD at the Faculty of Public Health Sciences (University of Toronto). As a child, I spent long periods of time at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. It was there that I was introduced to the world of health care. Since then, my keen interest in both the health and social sciences continues, fueled by the experience I gained serving in research administration at Mt. Sinai Hospital (Toronto), teaching post-secondary students at such locations as the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences, and more recently, as an Adjunct Professor with Queen’s University and Lakehead University. Although there have been varied struggles, I have nonetheless gained something valuable — an interest to teach and address social determinants of health.

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