Congratulations Dr. Kevin Willison

 Dr. Willison is part of the CIHR's Celebrating Health Research Project  - as part of Canada's 150th celebration. 

From patient to professor: Paying it forward

This former Toronto Sick Kids’ patient is dedicated to broadening his students’ perspectives on their role in reducing health disparities by better understanding the social determinants of health.

Dr. Kevin Willison, Lakehead University.

I began my formal journey into health care services research after completing a PhD at the Faculty of Public Health Sciences (University of Toronto). As a child, I spent long periods of time at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. It was there that I was introduced to the world of health care. Since then, my keen interest in both the health and social sciences continues, fueled by the experience I gained serving in research administration at Mt. Sinai Hospital (Toronto), teaching post-secondary students at such locations as the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences, and more recently, as an Adjunct Professor with Queen’s University and Lakehead University. Although there have been varied struggles, I have nonetheless gained something valuable — an interest to teach and address social determinants of health.

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