Careers in Sociology

There are many different career options available for Sociology graduates.  Please click here for more information.

Sociology is an excellent choice of major for students planning to enter professions such as social work, law, journalism, and even medicine. With a degree in Sociology, you might also decide to go into teaching, politics, public relations, or career counselling. Indeed, a wide variety of challenging job opportunities awaits graduates with a degree in Sociology.

If government employment appeals to you, examples of potential jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • an urban/regional planner
  • affirmative action worker
  • human rights officer
  • personnel coordinator
  • policy analyst
  • population analyst
  • working with minority groups
  • correctional services (court workers, parole and probation officers, etc.)
  • anything else that involves studying or working with people.

Sociology is excellent preparation for doing research such as population analysis and public opinion polling, or working on the census. 

If community service attracts you, you will be well prepared to work as (for example):

  • a hospital administrator
  • rehabilitation counsellor
  • group home worker
  • housing coordinator
  • community organizer
  • director of a community/advocacy organization.

In the business world, there are positions such as (for example):

  • market analyst
  • public relations officer
  • production manager
  • labour relations officer
  • sales representative
  • insurance agent.

With a degree in Sociology, the possibilities are endless!