Funding opportunities

Graduate Assistant (GA) Positions

Domestic full time students are eligible for Graduate Assistant (GA) positions worth approximately $10,500 per academic year in exchange for 270 hours of work (10 hour per week). 

A few international student may be awarded GA positions, but that number varies from year to year.  


Research or Travel Awards (Internal)

Students may request funding from the program to support research or creative project expenses, or travel expenses related to presenting at a conference.  Submit requests, including a budget with total expenses and requested funding up to $500. Submit via email to Requests can be submitted at any time.  


Lakehead Awards 

Details for awards and bursaries for Lakehead students can be found here

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) provide the most extensive support for students (approximately $17,500 per year and $15,000 per year, respectively) – all eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply. Please consult with the Program Advisor  regarding applications and funding possibilities.

In order to be eligible for SSHRC and OGS applicants must hold an 80 average or more during their last two years of studies, with some exceptions made for those who have been out of school for a significant amount of time.  


External Awards

The Kate McInturff Fellowship in Gender Justice funds a four-month fellowship with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.  

MITACS.CA funds a variety of research and innovation projects, including research collaborations with not-for-profit organizations.