Course List

2019-2020 Calendar Course Descriptions

First Year

Physics 1010: Introductory Applied Physics II (Electricity)
Physics 1030: Introductory Applied Physics I (Mechanics)
Physics 1070: Semiconductor Physics
Physics 1113: Physics Essentials I
Physics 1133: Physics Essentials II
Physics 1211: Introductory Physics I
Physics 1212: Introductory Physics II

Second Year

Physics 2111: Analytical Mechanics
Physics 2151: Thermodynamics
Physics 2211: Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 2311: Introduction to Optics
Physics 2331: Modern Physics I
Physics 2332: Modern Physics II
Physics 2510: Introduction to Medical Physics

Third Year

Physics 3113: Quantum Mechanics I
Physics 3211: Electromagnetic Theory
Physics 3231: Introductory Electronics
Physics 3311: Fibre Optic Communications
Physics 3371: Condensed Matter Physics
Physics 3511: Biological Physics
Physics 3611: Computer Acquisition and Control

Fourth Year

Physics 4113: Classical Mechanics
Physics 4115: Quantum Mechanics II
Physics 4171: Statistical Mechanics and Thermal Physics
Physics 4211: Electromagnetics
Physics 4277: Relativity
Physics 4351: Nuclear Physics
Physics 4411: Advanced Experimental Physics I
Physics 4412: Advanced Experimental Physics II
Physics 4501: Research Topic for Students In Physics
Physics 4611: Topics in Physics