Overview of Undergraduate Degrees in Physics

We are a group of teachers and scientists at the forefront of contemporary research dedicated to providing students with exciting opportunities through education and research in the vibrant discipline of Physics!

The teaching objective of the department is to maintain rigorous programs that allow our students to go directly into the work force or to pursue graduate studies. Experienced teachers and researchers provide students with hands‐on training that emphasizes problem solving employs some of the most advanced technology and mathematical methods.

Students benefit from small class sizes which ensures individual attention, mentoring, and easy access to one-on-one discussions with faculty members. Students are provided with ample opportunity to enhance and complement their classroom experience through a research‐oriented undergraduate thesis or through summer research positions.

The core program fulfils the expectations of those students who are interested in a broad yet in‐depth understanding of the basic laws of Nature. Graduates of this program often pursue careers in hi-tech companies, or students interested in pursuing higher education in the Natural Sciences or Engineering. The program encourages a multidisciplinary education and allows the flexibility to complete a minor in such areas as Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and many more.

According to the Canadian Association of Physicists, 97% of physics graduates report that their training has contributed to their career and that 98% of physics graduates are employed. According to the Wall Street Journal physics graduates salaries are on average the 6th highest out of 50 degree-majors, out-earning most Engineering graduates and ALL Business and Finance graduates.