Graduate Research Opportunities in Physics

This page provides a general overview of the current interests of our faculty. It is by no means an exhaustive list. The information provided herein is meant to give you some idea of what you can look forward to with us. Interested parties should contact the faculty member for full details.

ResearcherField(s) of Interest
Gautam Das (associate professor) more information
  • Fibre Optics
  • Fibre Lasers
Hubert deGuise (associate professor) more information
  • Lie Algebras in Physics
  • Quantum Optics
Mark Gallagher (professor) more information
  • Surface Physics
  • Nanostructures
Margaret Hawton (emeritus professor) more information
  • Photon Wavefunctions
  • Excitons
Werden Keeler (emeritus professor) more information
  • Optical spectroscopy and imaging in condensed matter and biological systems.
Sylvie Landry (adjunct professor)
  • Optical Imaging
  • Image Processing
  • Optical Microscopy
Apichart Linhananta (assistant professor) more information
  • Soft Condensed Matter Physics
  • Biological Physics
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics
Peter McGhee (adjunct professor)
  • Radiation Physics
  • Medical Physics
Vireshwar Paranjape (emeritus professor) 
  • Atoms in Cavities
  • Cluster Physics
Patrick Rapley (adjunct professor)
  • Radiation Physics
  • Medical Physics
Alla Reznik (assistant professor, CRC chair) more information
  • Novel photoconductors for radiation medical imaging
Oleg Rubel (adjunct professor) more information
  • Computational Solid State Physics
  • Semiconductor Physics
William Sears (professor)
  • Chemical and Humidity Sensors
  • Silicate Mezoparticles