Post-Diploma Mechanical Engineering Degree Program

The Faculty of Engineering at Lakehead University through the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a unique Post-Diploma Engineering Degree Program to graduate technologists. All entrants to this program should realize that they are being admitted into an Engineering degree program designed specifically for them, rather than part-way through a regular Engineering program.

The Post Diploma Program offers qualified technologists a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with a major in mechanical engineering. It extends the technologists' capabilities into more advanced conceptual and design phases of engineering. This is accomplished through a series of core and elective courses, engineering design, and a major project which enables the student to emphasize a particular area, such as fluid system design, industrial noise and vibration control or heat exchanger design and thermal radiation.

The Post-Diploma Program in Mechanical Engineering enables the graduate technologist to develop a deeper understanding of engineering principles through a rigorous study of applied mathematics and engineering sciences. The core course requirement assures the student of a solid background of knowledge in mechanical engineering. The elective courses allow the student to pursue his/her technical interests in considerable depth.

Transition Program

In order to make the transition from technology to degree studies and from industry to university, the Faculty of Engineering provides a number of transition courses which are required by all students entering a post diploma engineering degree program at Lakehead University from other institutions. These courses are normally taken during the summer prior to the third year of the degree program.

The Faculty of Engineering Admissions Committee will review each student's application for the B.Eng. program and use the guidelines included in the course descriptions below to decide upon the transition course requirements for each student. Students are reminded that the Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to set the transition course requirements it deems appropriate for each individual student. All post-diploma students are required to take the transition mathematics courses Engineering 3021: Analysis A and Engineering 3022: Analysis B. Mechanical Engineering post-diploma students are also normally required to take Engineering 3014: Engineering Chemistry and Engineering 3017: Electronics. Make-up courses may also be required, based on a comparison of our courses with your college technology program. Students are advised of their required transition courses and any make-up courses, as well as their timetable, upon admission to the engineering degree program.


Engineering 3014 : Engineering Chemistry

Engineering 3015 : Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Engineering 3016 : Engineering Mechanics

Engineering 3017 : Electronics

Engineering 3021 : Engineering Analysis A

Engineering 3022 : Engineering Analysis B