Community Placement

History 4830: Community Placement is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and gain first-hand experience working in a history-related career. A combination of community placement hours (150), career seminar classes, and other relevant assignments are required.

Terminology such as career placement, fieldwork, and internship are often used interchangeably to refer to the practical work done by students to supplement and complement theoretical class work. For the purpose of this course, Community Placement is defined as practical, community-based experiences in history- and heritage-related career areas. Community Placement experiences are arranged with a Community Partner to provide learning opportunities for students under the direct or indirect supervision of an individual engaged in that career.

Students are required to complete the Department of History’s Application for Community Placement before being considered for placement with a Community Placement Partner. In addition to meeting the general academic prerequisites, the application is shared with the Community Placement Partner so that they may select the most appropriate applicant for that placement.

Any history- or heritage-related organization could potentially be a Community Placement Partner.  Students are matched with placements based on criteria determined by the Public History Coordinator in consultation with the Community Placement Partner. However, the Community Placement Partner ultimately selects the student for placement. Students are also required to attend online and on-campus seminar classes throughout the semester to engage in specific career search and preparation activities, complete assignments, and to share career information with fellow placements.

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