Dr. Ronald Harpelle, Professor, Department of History Publishing a New Chapter

The Department of History is pleased to announce that Dr. Ron Harpelle has published a chapter on the history of West Indian immigration and settlement in Central America in a collection that focuses on issues of identity within the African Diaspora in Latin America.

The arrival of the British West Indians in Central America challenged the prevailing notions of race and of the place that people African descent occupied in those societies. Beginning in the 1850s and continuing for a century, approximately 500,000 West Indian men, women and children went to Central America in search of opportunities.

Dr. Harpelle’s chapter is entitled, “Anglo-caribenhos transplantados: os povos esquecidos nas margens ocidentais do mar do Caribe,” and it appears in Elaine Pereira Rocha and Nielson Rosa Bezerra (Eds.) Mosaico: A Construção de Identidades na Diáspora Africana, Paco Editorial, 2021.


We look forward to reading his chapter.