New Book by Faculty Member Examines the Economic Development and the Environmental Impact of the Colonial Encounter on India.

2 October 2015 - Thunder Bay & Orillia

The Department of History is pleased to announce the publication of Pallavi Das' book Colonialism, Development, and the Environment: Railways and Deforestation in British India.

While colonial encounters have been seen by scholars more or less in economic and political terms, what is largely missing is the metropole's economic development strategies that had definite ecological consequences for the colony. Focusing on the colonial encounter between Britain and India, Das looks at the economic development, including scientific and technological changes, and the environmental impact of the colonial encounter on India.

Examining the railways and deforestation, Das shows how deforestation jeopardized railway expansion, which led to state implementation of forest conservation in order to maintain timber supplies. Das' book demonstrates how the history of colonialism has both economic (and political) as well as ecological dimensions.

A book launch and presentation will be held on Wednesday, 7 October at The Embassy (314 Bay Street above the Hoito) at 6 pm.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Please contact Dr. Das for more information about her book at