Graduate Cognate Papers / Major Research Project (2007 to present)

The table lists the year and title of Cognate Papers written in partial fulfilment of the Master of Arts in History. In 2010-11 a program stream name change was made to Major Research Project (MRP).
2021Hanna Johnson"A History of Swedish Lutheranism and Immigration to Port Arthur and Fort William, 1880-1914"Michel S. Beaulieu
2021Christopher Omeljaniuk"French Canadian Labourers in the North West Company, 1783-1821"Michel S. Beaulieu
2020 Emily Hodgins "Scientific Forestry as an Instrument of the Colonial Project: A Case Study of Germany, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain"Steven Jobbitt
2020Yawei Zhang "Memory and Commemoration in Post-Communist Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study of the Memorial Museums in Berlin and Budapest"Steven Jobbitt
2020 Peter DeLorenzi "The Downfall of Austria-Hungary Through the Eyes of its Jewish Population: Background on the Life of Joseph Scher" Steven Jobbitt
2020Mary Francis Maarup"The Contribution of Women to the Social Service Sector at the Lakehead, 1960-1990"Michel S. Beaulieu
2019G. Douglas Sanders"From Britannia to Brussels (or, How to Live Between a Rock and a Hard Place): A Study of British Attitudes Toward European Integration Since 1945"Steven Jobbitt
2019Courtney Turner"A Nation Suffering: Ukrainian Nationalism, Genocide, and the Holodomor Mobile Classroom"Steven Jobbitt
2019Jasmine Hyslop"The Port Arthur Mechanics' Institute: Education and Entertainment in a Northern Town"Michel S. Beaulieu
2018Brett Starrs"An Analysis of Canadian Immigration Policy: A Case Study of Fort William and Port Arthur Through Print Media in the 1950s and 1960s" Michel S. Beaulieu
2018Kyle Gaudreau"Illiberalism and the Problem of Equality, 1830-1890: Kierkegaard and Nietzsche Against Modernity"Steven Jobbitt
2018Greg Johnsen "The Game Comes Here: The Origins of Organized Sport in Thunder Bay"Michel S. Beaulieu
2018 Kimberlee Young "Islamophobia in Context: A History of Anti-Muslin Sentiment in France Since the Eleventh Century"Steven Jobbitt
2017Anna England"In Search of Freedom, Equality, and Opportunity: African American Sojourners in the Soviet Union, 1920-1940"Steven Jobbitt
2016Michael Lucifora"Canada and the 1958 Crisis in Lebanon"Michael D. Stevenson
2016Luana Buckle"Foodway Transitions from Middle-Class Britain to Nineteenth Century Ontario"Michel S. Beaulieu
2016Kimberly Crawford"The Development of Federal Job Training and Vocational Education Policies in the 1960s and 1970s affecting Canada's Aboriginal Population"Michael D. Stevenson
2016Kyle Duckworth"The Hunt for the Arctic: Re-Evaluating Arctic History and Mutiny"Michel S. Beaulieu
2016Richard Mastrangelo"Echo and Features: Steep Rock Iron Mine and the Shaping of Corporate Culture"Michel S. Beaulieu
2015Patrick Schmidt"Nowhereans: The Evolution of the West Indian Community of Panama, 1850 - 1926"Ronald Harpelle
Aaron Macmillan
"Postwar Removal of Discriminatory Clauses from Immigration Policy, 1947-1976"
Michel S. Beaulieu
Joe Michalik
"Proving Ground: U.S. Involvement in Guatemala, 1954-1983"
Ronald Harpelle
2015Nicholas Sottile"One Trick Ponies: A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Two Single-Industry Towns in Northwestern Ontario"Michel S. Beaulieu
Ka Lun Wong
"Understanding the Dragon: Ethnicities of Chinese-Canadian Immigrants, 1858-1997"
Jordan Lehto
"Queering the Postwar High School: Queer Male Youth at the Lakehead, 1945-1965"
Denise Munro
"Moral and Social Reform at the Lakehead: Conceptualized Anglo-Protestant Notions of Race, Class, and Gender within Two 1913 Social Surveys"
Justin O'Brien
"Movie Messages: Volkische Doctrine in Nazi Cinema"
Ulysses Patola
"Ice-Hockey and its Changing Masculinities: Hyper-Masculinity, Helmets, Disability and the Early Concussion Debate in the National Hockey League, 1947-2000"
Jane Nicholas
Del Ben
" 'A Veritable Epidemic': Canadian Newspaper Media, First Nations Motherhood, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and the Settler State"
Kristin Burnett
David Blanchard
"Terrace Bay and the North Shore's Post-war Economic and Cultural Identity, 1947-1967"
Julie Follis
" 'Myths and Misconceptions' - The Construction of Female Sexual Asault Victims in R. v. Larry Runholm"
Kristin Burnett & Lori Chambers
Dave George
"The Postwar Lakehead: Postwar Planning Projects in fort william and Port arthur following the Second World War"
Patricia Jasen
Brent Rosborough
"Understanding History: Irish Immigration and Settlement in Ontario and the United States"
Kristin Burnett & Victor Smith
Gordon Stover
"Thunder Bay's Response to Trudeau Government Policies"
Matthew Wiseman
"Did He Sign His Own Defeat? John G. Diefenbaker and the NORAD Agreement: 1957-1963"
Jane Nicholas
Chelsea DeGagne
"Soldiers and Politicians: Civil-Military Relations in Fort William and Port Arthur, 1850-1938"
Joe Peotto
"Modern Sport and the 'Greater Game' Sporting Culture and the Great War -- A Transatlantic Comparison
Victor Smith
Whitney Wood
" 'Delicate Women' and the Ordeal of Childbirth: The Construction of Women's Pain and Medical Response in Late-Victorian North American"
Patricia Jasen & Jane Nicholas
Nicole Durocher
"Imperialism or Social Reform: An Examination of Attention Paid to Immigrant Mothers in Port Arthur and Fort William in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century"
Edward Pugliese
"The Normalization of the Soviet-Cuban Alliance, 1958-1973"
Jean-Yves Bernard
Steve Ross
"William Lyon Mackenzie King, Domestic anti-Japanese Hostility, and Foreign Policy Determinants: 1907 - 1942"
Michel S. Beaulieu & Jean-Yves Bernard
Ronnie Smith
"The Evolution of Political Idealism in Tokugawa Japan and its Manifestations in the Meiji Restoration"
Syed Serajul Islam
Ryan Duplassie
"Ottawa Stands For Independent Foreign Relations: Canada's Policy to Cuba, 1959-1979"
Jean-Yves Bernard
Laura Nicole Nigro 
"Female Discrimination or Cultural Maintenance?: The Hearing of Giovannina Ruberto-Martinie vs. the Italian Society of Port Arthur"
Michel S. Beaulieu & Lori Chambers
Gabrielle Parent
"Second Language Acquisition at the New Jesuit Missions"
Kristin Burnett
Connie Pucci
"Vilma Espin and the Federacion de Mujeres Cubanas: Enhancing the Status of Women in Cuba"
Amy Samson
"The history and long term impact of Alberta's Sterilization Legislation"
Devon Elise Stillwell 
" 'The Call for a New Social Order': American Eugenics, Policies of Sterilization, and Charles Fremont Dight's Eugenics Crusade in Minnesota, 1910-1935"
Patricia Jasen
Ashley Walker
"Mao's China: The Utility of Sport as Tool in International Relations, 1949-1971"
Jean-Yves Bernard
Thomas Peotto
"Foreign Intervention and International Response in the Ottoman Empire, 1894-1924"
Jean-Yves Bernard
Samira Saramo
"Women Made of Iron: Sanna Kannasto and Finnish Socialist Women in Early-Twentieth Century Lakehead"
Beverly Soloway
"Unattached, Adrift, and Not a Priority: Single Women in the Lakehead and Duluth during the Great Depression"
Patricia Jasen