Second New Masters Project

MSc Project
Structural and Petrogenetic Controls on VMS-Style Mineralization in the Northeastern Slave Province

Applications are invited for a MSc project investigating the origin of volcanic-hosted Zn-Ag sulphide mineralization in the East Cleaver area of Sabina Silver Corporation's Hackett River Property, in the northeastern Slave Province.  Field work for the project is scheduled to begin in summer 2007.  The study will involve mapping the geology, alteration and structure of the East Cleaver area in order to: 1) identify structural controls on mineralization and determine the syn- and post-mineralization deformation history of the area; and, 2) develop stratigraphic, volcanic architecture and hydrothermal alteration (3D-) models for the area to aid exploration by identifying chemically favourable units for mineralization. 
Field work will be complimented by petrographic, XRD and SEM-EDX mineralogical, whole-rock geochemical and isotopic studies to establish the petrogenesis of the host rocks and the metallogenesis of the Zn-Ag mineralization.
Applicants should have a solid background in geochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; structural geology; prior experience with VMS deposits will be an asset.  The project will be in collaboration with Sabina Silver Corporation and with researchers at the University of Western Australia.

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For more information contact Dr. Andrew Conly