New Masters Project

MSc Project

Xenoliths in 2.7 Ga diamondiferous lamprophyres

The Geology Department at Lakehead University is currently looking for students interested in undertaking a Masters thesis to investigate the nature of the Archean mantle through the use of upper mantle fragments, or xenoliths, from lamprophyres associated with the world's oldest in situ diamond deposits to investigate the formation of the 2.7 Ga lithosphere. These lamprophyres are located in the Wawa subprovince of the Superior Province, Ontario.

Understanding the origin and distribution of deep fluid plumbing systems recorded in the xenoliths will resolve the mechanisms responsible for gold mineralisation and will provide an improved understanding of the links between tectonics and metasomatism. These results will have significant implications for the development of ore deposit models and will potentially lead to new discoveries.

Suitable candidates will have a strong background in igneous petrology and should have completed an Honours degree in Geology. The project will involve collaboration with researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia and there is potential for travel to Australia to undertake analytical work. Field work in northern Ontario will be an integral component of this project.

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For more information contact Dr. Peter Hollings