Geology Department Webinar 2016 - Patrick McAndless, P.Geo, FGC

Event Date: 
Monday, November 7, 2016 - 10:00am EST
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CB 3031
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Brigitte Gelinas
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P.Geo, FGC

"Your Career Your Brand"

Monday, November 7, 2016
at 10:00 am
in CB 3031

About the Webinar:

"Your Career Your Brand" is a guide to understanding and implementing the concepts and methods for building value and making a difference in all aspects of your working career. To build value or show you have the potential to be a difference maker is expressed and validated though your passion, work ethic, persistence and improvement. These "key performance indicators" are the hallmarks for recruiters and employers when looking for prospective employees to grow an organization. Creating your own personalized "brand" and "brand products" is the first step on the pathway to showing your potential to build value and enjoying a fulfilling and successful career. This involves creating a personalized "brand statement" that concisely reflects you and how you build value uniquely. Your brand statement identifies you as distinct from others and is featured on your business card, LinkedIn profile and resume. A focused networking plan will enable you to articulate your brand to prospective and suitable organizations. The first step in your career begins with having a brand that you truly feel and believe makes you a unique difference maker.

About the Presenter:  After 45 enjoyable years as a professional geoscientist in the mineral exploration industry, Patrick has turned his passion for geoscience and mining towards helping student's transition from academia to the work place. He has given career development lectures, workshops and webinars on a volunteer basis at over 150 colleges and universities across Canada, the US, Europe and South America. When he is not mentoring students and graduates, Patrick does presentations on geology and mining in the elementary schools and talks about careers in mining to secondary school students. His brand statement on his website "Geodude Corner'' says it all: "Helping Students and Professionals Discover Their Greatness and Build Value".