Thesis - GIS

Thesis - GIS

Carpenter, Mallory (2009)
Modeled Impacts of Future Sea Level Changes for the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, NWT Using a Geographic Information System

Grant, Emily (2012)
Housing Site Suitability Mapping as Directed by Geomorphological Hazards: Exploration Through a Case Study of Ottawa

Freeburn, Jason T. (2002) 
Mapping Burn Severity Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data

Lower, Andrew (2004) 
Linking Topography of Small Stream Catchments to Brook Trout Habitat

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Modelling Ambulance Response Times in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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The Tallgrass Patches of Quetico Provincial Park

Marsili, Matthew (2014)
Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Melville, Bethany (2012)
Mapping Urban Greenspaces with High Spatial Resolution Aerial Photography: A Case Study of the Intercity Area in Thunder Bay

Nelson, Reg (2012)
Application of a GIS-Based Decision Support System for Sidewalk Building and Maintenance in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sisco, Christine (2012)
Remotely-Sensed Changes in Land Use Form and Function in Two Rural Communities in Wilmot Township, Ontario

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Food Desert Mapping: A Preliminary Study of Food Security in Thunder Bay, 2006

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Locating Tallgrass Praire within Southern Ontario, Canada

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An Archaeological Site Potential Model for Tettegouche State park, Lake County, Minnesota

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Spatial Trends in Thunder Bay's Financial and Insurance Sectors 1965 to 2013

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Using GIS to Model Soil Erosion and Examine Point Source Deposition in Two Small Boreal Forest Lakes: Ontario, Canada