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A.C. Brummell
A. Cornwell
I.G. Davies
R. S. Dilley
M. Dowsley
M. Johnston
D. Kemp
B. Lorch
C. Mutambirwa
B. Phillips
T. Randall
H. Rasid
G. Saunders
R. Stewart
B. Wilson
W. Wilson
K. Zaniewski



Barton, I.  (1978)
Intra-Urban Residential Preference and Mobility in Thunder Bay

Benabo, D.J.  (1978)*
A Study in Urban Perception: Mental Maps of Thunder Bay

Kovach, D.  (1978)
Consumer Shopping Behaviour: A Study of Thunder Bay

Miner, C.E. (1977)*
Camper Groups at White Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

Penttila, L. (1978)
Mobile Homes as a Housing Alternative

Samson, J.M.  (1977)
Flood Awareness in Thunder Bay: The McVicar's Creek Flood Plain

Wiekowicz, A.  (1978)
The Analysis of Residential Satisfaction for Residents of the Multiple Dwelling Sector - High Rise, Low Rise and Townhouse

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Baidoc, Robert (2015) 
Using Fine Fuel Moisture codes to understand the effects of Climate Change on the Eastern Boreal Forests of Canada

Igras, Jason (2013)
Using pH to Assess the Response of Soil to Sulfer Emission Trends: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Foster, Amber-Dawn  (2011) 
A Life Cycle Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps: A Case Study of the Thunder Bay Region

Johnson, Brianna (2022)
An Examination of the Applicability of Nordic Sustainable Architectural Practices in Thunder Bay to Improve Cultural Influence on Developing Sustainable Public Buildings

Towle, Curtis (2018) 
Projecting Populations f Canada's Metropolitan Areas: Assessing Biregional Co-hort-Component Methodology and Results for Quebec Using POPART

Vader, Tara (2022) 
An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Implementation of the Mitigation Measures in the Goderich Harbour Wharf Expansion Environmental Assessment

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Atkinson, J.R.  (1972)
An Examination of the New Housing Stock in Thunder Bay 1951-1971

Batey, W.L.  (1971)
Spatial Analysis of Elementary Education - A Case of Brandon Manitoba

Kennedy, J.H.  (1973)
An Assessment of the Transportation and Communication Infrastructure of Northwestern Ontario

Melville, R.D.  (1971)
Land Elevation and Residential Segregation in a Section of the City of Thunder Bay

Metsaranta, M.J.  (1972)
Ethnic Residential Conception and Succession in a Section of the Former City of Port Arthur

Murakami, F.E. (1973)
Transportation Modes and Grocery Store Location and Land Use

Orr, R. (1970)
Population at the Canadian Lakehead from 1901: An Analysis of Patterns and Trends

Paularinne, Pentii (1969)
Study of Outdoor Recreation in the Lakehead.

Smith, A.D. (1971)*
Assisted Agricultural Settlement

Tamminen, B.E.  (1973)*
The Rural Urban Fringe of Thunder Bay

Uliana, J.  (1971)
The East End: A Study in Ethnic Residential Concentration

Wilkie, R.P. (1970)
The sensitivity of Urban Traffic Accidents to Weather Phenomena in Thunder Bay

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Andrea, J.M.  (1980)
Investigation of the Neighbourhood Improvement Program in the Ogden-East End Area of Thunder Bay, Ontario

Bryan, D, H,   (1976)
Slope Angles on Lake Superior Beaches

Crawford, S.  (1982)*
The Mental Maps of Children in Thunder Bay: Images of Canada

Delgaty, C.J. (1988)
The Leisure Patterns at Grandview Lodge, A Home for the Aged

Depiero, G.J.  (1975)
Thunder Bay's Vickers Park Residential Area: A Study in Urban Social Geography

Dlugosz-Cimone,  H.  (1984)*
Human Comfort in Thunder Bay

Dolphin,  T. (1995)*
The Mental Maps of Our Children: A look at Canadian Images

Dunlop, Stuart (2002)
Local Satisfaction Among Retired Residents in the Urban Fringe: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Evans, C. (1997)
Skiing and Snowboarding in Thunder Bay: A Study of Participants' Characteristics, Perceptions and Motivations

French, W.A.  (1976)
Silver Mining in the Thunder Bay Region 1845-1891: An Examination of its Economic Viability

Hunter, M. (1996)
The Geographical Impacts of Wal-Mart on Consumer Behaviour in Thunder Bay,Ontario

Jones, Martin (1993)
Occupation and Journey-to-Work, Thunder Bay, Ontario A Comparative Analysis

Josephson,  E.J.  (1972)
The Dairy Industry in the Slate River Valley

Kukac, Jessica (2007)
Measuring the Effectiveness of Non-Formal Public Education Programs : The Lawn and Garden Consultation Program of the Region of Peel, Ontario

Leikkari, David (1993)
The Core Areas of Thunder Bay, Ontario: Perceptions and Attitudes

Lemmon, Mark (2002)
Assessing Mountain Bike Trail Degradation in the Shuniah Mines Trail Network:Thunder Bay, Canada

Lindberg, Geoff (2008) 
The Lake Superior Surf Study

Lindsay, C. (1999)
Perceptions of the World:  Information from Mental Maps

Lindsay, Diane (2004)
Water Supply and Waste Disposal Practices of Shoreline Dwellings in the Township of Shuniah, East of Thunder Bay, On Lake Superior

Loghrin, T.F.  (1973)*
The Thunder Bay Community Pasture 1966-1972

Louks, Julie D. (1994)
The Geography of Architecture in Thunder Bay

Macameau,  D. (1995)*
The Voting behaviour of a Minority and Minority Political Parties:  The case of Quebec Francophones and the Patterns of Voting for the Bloc Quebecois During the 1993 Federal Election

Mauro, Robert (1991)
Thunder Bay, Ontario and the North Shore: A Regional Scale International Tourist Flow Study

McClinchey, K. (1997)
The Social and Economic Impacts of Tourism and the Proposed Tourist Train on St. Jacobs, Ontario

McGeachy, C. (1997)
Evaluating Rural Agricultural Landscape Change: The Alder Creek Watershed

Meek, J.W. (1995)
The Thunder Bay Community Pasteure: An Examination of recent Trends and Issues

Mercure, G.  (1980)
Canada Safeway Stores Ltd. of Thunder Bay: A Study of the Effects of Urban Landscape on Geographical Trading Areas

Methot, Adam. M. (2012)
The NDP Surge in Quebec at the Expense of the Bloc Quebecois: A Look into Canada's 2011 Federal Election

Milton, R.  (1981)*
Declining Agriculture in the McIntyre Ward of the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario

Morris, S. (1999)
The Americanization of Canada's Youth

O'Hara, Brock (2003)
Setting the Scene: A geographical Look into J.K. Rowling's “Harry Potter” Books

Paske, Jill (2001) 
Fear of Crime Among Women, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Perin, A.J.A. (1976)
A Geographical and Historical Analysis of Agricultural Development in the Municipality of LaVallee, Rainy River District

Pozihun, P. (1981)*
Skiing in Thunder Bay, Ontario: A Study of Characteristics, Perceptions and Behaviour

Reid, Steven (2002)
Attendances in the National Basketball Association (1996-2001)

Rennie, Karen (2003) 
Mental Maps and Their Gender Related Differences

Salonen, M.O.  (1985)
The Tourist and Recreation Climate of Thunder Bay

Schutte, R. (1997)
Spatial Variations in Voting Patterns in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada: A Study of the 1994 Alderman at Large Election

Sloan, Sean (2004)
Land Redistribution and Campesino Resettlement in Western Guatemala: Emic Insights into Settlers' Personal Security and Discontent with the Land Tenure and Agricultural Production of Communal Settlements

Strand, E. (1990)
The Relationship between the Northward and the South Ward of Thunder Bay

Stull, K. (1989)*
Characteristics, Perceptions and Behaviour Patterns of Families Using Day Care Facilities in the City of Thunder Bay

Thomas, M. (1999)
The Spatial Externalities of Highway Traffic and Snowmobile Traffic

Tinney, Darryl (2003)
Cognitive Map Formation of First Year University Students

Vallejo, Aaron (2005) 
The Local Aesthetics of Wind Turbine Placement Surrounding the City of Thunder Bay

Vinczeffy, P. (1976)
An Analysis of the Lake Planning Process in Ontario

Whitaker, Scott (1993)*
Children's Spatial Cognition: A Thunder Bay Perspective

Winkler, Renata J. (2004)
Tourism Advertisements and the National Geographic Magazine

Zorzes, L.S.  (1980)*
An Investigation of Density and Income Gradients in the City of Thunder Bay

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DR. M. Dowsley

Duncan, Jennifer (2010) 
An Analysis of the Recreation and Esthetic Values of Wild Rivers

York, Jordan (2012)
Status of Canadian Polar Bear Subpopulations: A 2012 Status Report

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Herrick, R.M.  (1972)*
An Analysis of the Recreation and Esthetic Values of Wild Rivers

McKever, J.  (1972)
Urban Park and Recreation Lands in the City of Thunder Bay: An Evaluation

Murphy, E.E.  (1973)
The Effects of Weather on Overnight Camping in Sibley Provincial Park

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Abell, P. (1999)
Tourist Accommodations in the Lakehead, 1874 – 1999: A Study of the Influence of Transportations Changes on Their Development

Barlow, T. (1995)*
The Perception of Winter Hazards by Thunder Bay Young People

Bell J. (1996)
An Evaluation of the Use and Non-Use of Swimming Facilities in Thunder Bay, Ontario

De Peuter, J. (1999)
A Study of Risk Perception on Lakehead University Campus

Dutta, Amit (1999)
The Tourist Profile at the Owl's Head Ski Resort in Quebec's Eastern Townships

Eymann, Susan (1993)*
Mine Closures in Single Sector Communities - A Case Study of Manitouwadge

Fettes, T. (1996)
Urban Park Standards and Supply in Thunder Bay: A Systematic Assessment

Koval, D. (1996)
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park: A Study of Visitor Preferences, Recreation Activities and Satisfaction

Kyba, R. (1997)
Travel Modes and Destinations, and Perceptions of Constraints among Lakehead University Residence Students

Louks, Julie D. (1994)
The Geography of Architecture in Thunder Bay

Madunic, Diana (1993)*
Tourist Perceptions of Their Impacts on the Wilderness Environment, A Study in Yukon Territory

Manson, Bob (1994)
A Study of Endurance Events of Northern Minnesota the Superior Trail 100 and the John Beargrease Snowshoe Race

Mauro, Robert (1991)*
Thunder Bay, Ontario and the North Shore: a regional scale international tourist flow study

Morency, Andrea (1993)
The Geography of Childs Play

Perlin, Geoff (1994)
The Planning of Waterfront Redevelopment and the Potential Benefits to Tourism in Thunder Bay

Porco, Frank (1994)
Location of Hockey Facilities and Participants in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Stirrett, C. (1996)
Manufacturing Trends in the Ontario Cities of Thunder Bay, Sudbury, and Sault Ste. Marie

Taillon, M.A. (1996)
A Study of Park Use Problems and Park Users' Attitudes Toward Snowmobile Trails in Centennial Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thatcher, Jay (1993)*
An Evaluation of Urban Recreation Trail Usage Patterns and User Preferences in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Aitchison, Matthew (2003) 
Wind Energy: Ontario's Power to Meet Kyoto

Basco, Michelle (2004) 
The Relationship Between Outdoor Experiences, Knowledge of Global Warming and Willingness to Take Action

Boland, B.J.  (1979)*
A Study of Three Erosion Problem Area in White Lake Provincial Park

Breen, Sarah (2006)
Small Hydroelectric Power Generation in Thunder Bay: An Investigation into Potential and Feasibility

Caston, A. (1995)
The Impact of Predicted Climate Change on Recreation in the Georgian Triangle Tourist Area

Cimone, Helen A. (1984)
Human Comfort in Thunder Bay

Cocker,  W.F.  (1972)
Toward a Quantitative Climatic Classification

Cullum, Jennifer (2003)
Transportation in the Fur Trade

D'Alessandro, Rachel (2003)
Hurricane Frequency, Hurricane Intensity and Global Warming

Davies, L. (1997)
A Historical Analysis of Winter Weather on Pelee Island, Ontario: Studying the Existence of a Winter Ice Bridge

Eady, R. (1987)*
The Winds on Campus: An Analysis of the Airflow and Wind-Fields Around the C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse Located on the Lakehead University Campus

Elsey,  G.C. (1973)*
The Forest Fire-Weather Relationship in the Thunder Bay Fire District 1967-1970

Feller, S. (1995)
The Impact of Moisture Deficit on Fires and Crop Production in Northwestern Ontario

Faid, T.G.  (1971)
Temperature Measurement in a Soil Adjacent to a Moving Body of Water

Fretz, W.L.(1976)*
The Effects of Sulphur Dioxide on Lake Water Quality and Fish Populations near Sudbury, Ontario

Gardiner, Patrick (1997) 
The Potential Effects of Global Warming on Selected field Crops in Southwestern Ontario

Gravelle,  K.J.  (1970)
A Microclimatic Study of the Lakehead University Black Sturgeon Research Station

Grubb, Trevor (1994)
Extending the Thunder Bay Temperature Record Using Temperature Values from Fort Snelling, Minnesota

Hatfield, Derek (1993)*
Climate Change Impact on Hydroelectric Power Production on the North Shore of Lake Superior

Hearn, J.  (1981)*
Climate Change in Northern Ontario

Heggie,  B.C.  (1972)*
A Study of the Climate and Climatic Change within the Great Lakes Basin of Northern Ontario

Holm,  G.C.  (1973)*
A Study of the Effect of Lake Superior on the Climate of Its Region

Hunt, B.A.  (1995)
Volcanic Eruptions, El Nino and Weather Patterns in Thunder Bay

Jordan, R.  (1982)*
The Diurnal Effects of a Small Group of Buildings on the Adjacent Climate

Kazor, H.  (1977)
Air Pollution: Problems and Legislative Controls

Kerr, J.D.  (1981)*
A Study of the Airflow & wind fields around an Isolated Building

Morgan, K.E.  (1977)
Climate, Weather and Respiratory Disease in Thunder Bay:  An Exercise in Medical Geography

Naprstek, Jill-Anne (2003)
A Comparative Study of Progress Towards Sustainability in Developed and Developing Nations Using Guidelines Described in Agenda 21

Noble, T.W.  (1973)
The Biogeography of Shuniah Lake with Particular Reference to Plant Succession

Olan, Brent J. (1993)*
Anticipation of Plume Dispersion from Darlington Nuclear Powered Generating Station

Otway, L.  (1973)
Urban Climates:  With Special Reference to the Canadian City of Toronto

Pain, Bill (2004)
Teleconnections Between El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Lake Ontario Water Levels

Paivalainen,  J.J.  (1978)
Examination of Temperature Variation Along an Urban-Rural Transect in Thunder Bay,Ontario

Palmer, Todd (2003)
Thunder Bay Ski Industry: Global Warming's Affect on the Industry and Citizens Perceptions of the Problems

Pattyson, S.  (1978)
The Effects of Weather on Interior Canoeing at Quetico Provincial Park

Perkovic, Draggo (1993)
An Impact Study of Weather Induced Aircraft Accidents in Canada from 1984 to 1989

Perry, A. (1995)*
The Potential effects of Global Warming on the Sport fishing Industry in Northwestern Ontario

Pisco, B.  (1976)
The Role of Human Perception Attitudes and Values as Organizing Concepts in the Preservation and Management of Wilderness areas

Poole, A. (1998)
The Effects El-Nino – Southern Oscillation has on the Winter Weather in Thunder Bay,Ontario

Ramsdale, A. (2000)
Global Warming and Extreme Weather in Canada, 1950-1999

Saunders, Graham (1994)
An Examination of the Thunder Bay Climatic Record and an Assessment of the Effects of Instrument Relocation

Schindelhaver, I.D. (1989)*
The Influence of Lake Superior on the Weather

Slack, T. (1998)
The Usefulness of the Fire Weather Index as a Predictor of Area Burned and Fire Starts

Tervo, Jukka (1993)
A Study of the Impact of the Northwest Ontario Winter on the Operations of the Motor Truck Industry

Urquhart, S.  (1984)*
A Study of the Effectiveness of a Residential Homeowner Retrofit in Thunder Bay

Watt, J.B. (1980)
The Effects of Site Location and Architectural Design upon the Microclimates of Two Houses

Watt, R.B. (1987)*
The Use of Documentary Material to Investigate Past Climates: The William Wilson Diaries.

Wauhkonen, R.L. (1985)*
Accuracy of Weather Forecasting in Thunder Bay

Winslow, I. (1974)
Colour in Map Interpretation by Children

Wyspianski, C.  (1974)*
An Examination of Petromyzon Marinus L. (Sea Lamprey) and the Effects of its Invasion on the Main Commercial Fish Species of Northern Lake Superior 1946-1970

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Aylward, Cheryl A. (1992)*
Industrial Parks in Thunder Bay: A Comparative Analysis

Ayotte, Aron J (1991)
VANCANCY CHAINS: A Case Study in the Subdivisions of Cherry Ridge, River Terrace, and White Gates in Thunder Bay, 1991

Ball, T. (1999)
Expanded Shopping Opportunities and New Format Retail Business in Thunder Bay and the Impact on Shopping Patterns of Terrace Bay Residents 

Blakemore, D. (2000)
Modeling the Performance of Individual Retail Locations: A Case Study of a Major Canadian Department Store

Bode, P. (1986)*
The Thunder Bay 'P' Central Business District: A Case Study in Change

Boljesic, S. (1997)
Modeling the Performance of Franchise Outlets: A Retail Location Study of Robin's donuts Outlets in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Brodack, Kim (1991)
The evolution of Commercial Development in a CBD: A Case Study of Simpson Street in Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1909 to 1989

Brown, S. (1996)
The Port of Thunder Bay a Study of its Geographical Linkages

Browne, Sarah (1999)
The Spatial Distribution of Student Off-Campus Housing at Lakehead University in 1998-1999

Buset, J. (2000)
A Comparative Study of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

Chamberlain, C.J. (1997)
A Study of Neighbourhood Change in the City of Thunder Bay from 1971-1991

Chanook, Scott, (2002)
The Retail Structure of Thunder Bay, Ontario: A Shift Towards Mono – Centric Form

Charman, Christopher W. (1993)*
Market Area Shifts following Major Expansion of a Grocery Supermarket

Church, Kyle (2009)
The Performance of Neighbourhoods in the Thunder Bay Housing Market 1991-2007

Craig, C.L. (1996)
Retail Behaviour and Perceptions of Office Employees: A Comparative Case Study of Thunder Bay's Three Cores

DeCal , P. (1989)*
Residential Mobility in Thunder Bay; A Case Study of New Suburban Developments

DeFazio, F. (1989)*
The Spatial Distribution of Age Structure

Deluce, D. (2000)
Expected Impacts on North and South Core Businesses as Result of the Thunder Bay Charity Casino

Donato, E. (2000)
The Geography of Ontario Regional Breweries

Downie, M. (1988)
A Locational Analysis of Businesses in the Balmoral Industrial Park, Thunder Bay, 1987

Dzeoba, Wayne (1994)
The Perceived Business Impacts of CN Rail Movements Through the Intercity Area of the City of Thunder Bay

Eymann, Susan (1993)*
Mine Closures in Single Sector Communities - A Case Study of Manitouwadge

Facca, J. (1988)*
A Case Study of Thunder Bay's Victoriaville Mall

Fayrick, P.F.  (1985)*
Newspaper Advertising and Retail Location: A case study of Thunder Bay

Frey, B. (1988)*
The Retail Implication of the Increased Prevalence of Teenage Consumers: A Case Study of Teenage Shoppers in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Galaway, Sarah (2004)
The Impact of Enclosed Shopping Centres on Retail Establishments in the Central Business District A Case Study of: Brantford, Ontario and Thunder Bay, Ontario

Gilbart, Tiffany (2004)
Spatial Analysis of Residential Break and Enters: A Case Study of Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1996-2001

Gillespie,  G. (1991)*
Supermarket Location: A Comparison Between Independents and Chains in Thunder Bay North

Hall, Chad (1993)
Fear of Crime - A Comparison Between 2 Thunder Bay Neighbourhoods

Hoard, D. (1999)
The Commercialization of the Thunder Bay International Airport

Hodkinson, J.S. (1996)
The Importance of the Social Atmosphere in Industrial Location Decisions Made by Manufacturing Industries in the Cities of Stratford and Woodstock, Ontario

Hunt, L. (1990)
Spatial Dynamics in the Convenience Store Market...

Innes, J. (1996)
Specialty Stores and Consumer Behaviour: A Study of Creative Lighting

Jordan, David A. (1994)
Establishing the Relationship Between Urban Residential Growth and the Streetcar System of Port Arthur and Fort William, 1892-1940

Karioja, R. (1996)
Aspects of Rural Living: A Study Focusing on Rural Life in Gorham Township, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Keeler, C. (1996)
Study of War-Time Housing Renovations in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Kenney, D. (1998)
Analyzing the Changing Business Composition of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario's High Street from 1965 – 1995

Knight, J.R.  (1982)
A Locational Analysis of Forest Fire Initial Attack Bases in the Thunder Bay Fire District

Laybolt, Roland (1993)
Change in the social Geography of Thunder Bay, 1971-1986

Maechtel, Q.T. (1996)
Spatial Dynamics of the Gasoline Service Station Market of Thunder Bay, 1986-1996

Mau, Kevin (1993)
Developments in the Fluid Milk Industry in Thunder Bay, Ontario

McEachern, L. (1990)*
A Comparative Analysis of the Functional Composition...

McAlister, Nikki (2006)
Cultural portrayal through Vernacular Architecture: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

McKenna, V.E.  (1984)*
An Investigation into the Off-Campus Housing Situation at Lakehead University

McNally, M. (1997)
The Generative Impact of the Victoriaville Physiotherapy Clinic on the South Core Retail Environment

McQuarrie, D. (1988)
The Changing Retail Structure of a Commercial Ribbon: A Case Study of Thunder Bay's Memorial Avenue, 1952 -1987

Michaluk, K. (1997)
Consumer Behaviour and Customer Profile: A Study of Floyd's Auto and Plate Glass

Mitchell, Joshua (2005) 
Detecting Edge Cities in York Region Municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area

Moffat, Ean (2003)
The Geography of the National Hockey League

Moore, S.O.  (1983)*
Distance and the Journey to Worship: A Case Study of Lutherans in Thunder Bay,Ontario

Napstek, Jill-Anne (2003) 
A Comparative Study of Progress Towards Sustainability in Developed and Developing Nations Using Guidelines Described in Agenda 21

Oakley, C. (1998)
Modeling the Performance of a Monopolistic Seller: A Case Study of the LCBO in the Urbanized Areas of Kitchener and London

Ortolan, I. (1987)*
The Retail Structure of Thunder Bay

Patterson, Dennis (2003)
A Long-Term Viability Study of the Dairy Industry: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Patterson, Michelle (2002)
Location Strategy of Supermarkets in London, Ontario

Parsons, B.M.  (1984)*
An Investigation into Patterns of Intra-Urban Mobility from Low-Class Neighbourhoods: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Penfold, D. (1997)
Choosing a Location to Fish: A Study of Recreational Anglers on Lake Erie's North Shore

Peuramaki, M.E. (1985)
Choosing the French Immersion Option

Ponting, L.H. (1988)*
Business Service and Material Linkages of Selected Thunder Bay Manufacturers

Robinson, Darren M. (1992)
Urban Residential Growth Patterns A Study of Spatial Development Patterns in a Section of Thunder Bay, Ontario 1913 - 1991.

Ruberto, Renee (2007)
An Analysis of Neighbourhood Revitalization : A Case Study of Inner City Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rychliwsky, William (1994)
Grocery Shopping Patronage Behaviour of demographic Segments Within Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sauder, Bruce D. (1990)
Urban Growth Patterns: A Study of Spatial in Thunder Bay North, 1909 - 89

Schmidt, S.C. (1989)*
Neighbourhood Stability: A Case Study of Filtering in the North Ward of Thunder Bay 1976-1987

Seeley, E. (1988)
Residential Mobility of the Elderly in Thunder Bay

Smith, D. (1997)
The Changing Functional Mix of a Ribbon Retail Development: A Case Study of Memorial Avenue, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Smith, M.J.  (1984)*
A Micro-Inspection of Consumer Behaviour in Central Business Districts: A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Viheriasalo, L. (1997)
Grocery Shopping Behaviour of Residents in the Northwood Area of Thunder Bay,Ontario

Young, Stephen Phillip (2002)
The Value of Urban Parks and Open Space as Perceived by Neighbourhood Residents: A Case Study of the Prospect Area of Thunder Bay North

Wheeler, Ryan (2005) 
The Urban Core Casino and its Effects on Central Business District revitalization as Perceived by Surrounding Business Owners

Whitney, Ryan (2007)
Cross-Shopping Between Traditional and New Format Retail Nodes : A Case Study of Thunder Bay

Wilkie, Anne-Marie (2007)
The Retail Landscape of Thunder Bay

Wolowich, Marnie (2002)
Landscaping in Neighbourhood Improvement: A Case Study of Two Thunder Bay Residential Areas 

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Forbes, D. (1975)
A Recreational Study of The Spruce River Road: Dorion, Black Sturgeon Area in the Thunder Bay District

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Barry, C.  (1980)
An Assessment of the Impact of Proposed Cottage Development at Bays End, Lake Superior: A Comparison of the Disturbed Shore Environment with Adjacent Natural Shoreline Segments

Bakama, R.B. (1982)
In-Migration in the Windsor Metropolitan Area, 1975-81: An Examination of the demographic, Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Migrants and the Factors Relating to Windsor's "Attractiveness"

Blais, M.G. (1990)*
Spatial and Quantitative Aspects of the Blue Box Recycling Program

Boudreau, L.M.  (1973)
An Analysis of Snowmobiling with Particular Reference to Thunder Bay

Burton, J.  (1986)*
A Comparative Analysis of Diurnal Stream Flow Regime: A Study of Sites in High Alpine and Temperate Environments

Cates, J.C.  (1979)
An Investigation of the Effects of Ice On Beach Morphology on the North Shore of Lake Superior

Clement, D. (1997)
A Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Dog Lake and the Surrounding Area

Coleman, G. (1988)
The Public as Watershed Managers in Ontario

Crinklaw, J.A.  (1979)*
Soil Compaction Around Campsites as a Measure of Recreational Impact

Culbert, D. (1999)
W. Fralick – Geology also advisor Geomorphological Analysis of Massive Clay Deposits Along the Whitefish Valley: Nolalu – Stanley

Deschamps, C. (2000)
Investigation of the Affect of Soil Type on the Virulence of Chondrostereum purpureum of Betula papyrifera – a case study: Kakabeka, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Desrosiers, K.  (1980)
The Loss of Agricultural Land to Residential Development in the Municipality of Paipoonge, South of the Kaministiquia River from 1966 to 1978

Duke, M. G. (1995)*
Reconstruction of the quaternary history of a rock cut paleochannel in Judge C. R.Magney State Park, Cook County, Minnesota

Friedrich,  K.M. (1995)
The Physical Geography of Minnesota and the Northwest Shore.  A Denudation Chronology of Temperance River State Park

Gilbert, C.J. (1996)
A comparison of groundwater protection legislation as it relates to municipal well water supplies in Ontario and Minnesota and a case study of two small northern communities - Marathon, Ontario and Gilbert, Minnesota

Gombola, R. (1974)
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