Thesis - Environmental Studies or Assessment

Thesis - Environmental Studies or assessment

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A Pre-Restoration Water Quality Characterization of George Creek, Centennial Park, Thunder Bay

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The Public as Watershed Managers in Ontario

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Microplastic Pollution Within in the Thunder Bay Harbour

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Using pH to Assess the Response of Soil to Sulfer Emission Trends : A Case Study of Thunder Bay

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Non-Formal Public Education Programs : The Lawn and Garden Consultation Program of the Region of Peel, Ontario

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Ecological Benefits of Bear-Based Tourism in Yunnan, China : Exploring the Landscape Ecology of Asiatic Black Bear [Ursus Thibetanus] and the Role of Ecotourism as a Method of Mitigation for Human-Bear Conflict

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Assessing Mountain Bike Trail Degradation in the Shuniah Mines Trail Network: Thunder Bay, Canada

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Water Supply and Waste Disposal Practices of Shoreline Dwellings in the Township of Shuniah, East of the City of Thunder Bay, on Lake Superior

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Linking Topography of Small Stream Catchments to Brook Trout Habitat

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Integration of Socio-Economic Factors in Assessing Natural Hazard Vulnerablilty Case Study: Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

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Land Redistribution and Campesino Resettlement in Western Guatemala: Emic Insights into Settlers' Personal Security and Discontent with the Land Tenure and Agricultural Production of Communal Settlements

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Locating Tallgrass Praire within Southern Ontario, Canada

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An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Implementation of the Mitigation Measures in the Goderich Harbour Wharf Expansion Environmental Assessment

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The Local Aesthetics of Wind Turbine Placement Surrounding the City of Thunder Bay

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Subaqueous Assessment of Rehabilitation Efforts Along the Thunder Bay Waterfront

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