Lakehead Professor Presents Dickens Paper in Genoa, Italy

(June 14, 2007 --Thunder Bay, ON) Today, Philip Allingham, PhD, Associate Professor with the Faculty of Education, adjunct to the Department of English at Lakehead University, will be presenting his paper entitled "Charles 'Carlo' Dickens In and Out of Italy in 1844--The Chimes" at the Dickens, Victorian Culture, and Italy Conference in Genoa, Italy.  

Professor Allingham's paper presents the ways by which The Chimes, the second of the Christmas Books, achieves a social integration and emphasis on the working class that Dickens had not previously dealt with in his narrative fiction.  Dickens wrote The Chimes in the fall of 1844 while he resided in Genoa with his family.  "Although I have explored various avenues of his work in previous papers, this particular submission takes a New Historicist approach by providing a biographical, social, and historical context for the novella."

Allingham's work will also be published in conference proceedings sponsored by the Universities of Milan and Genoa, and the Italian Cultural Ministry.

"This conference promises to provide the utmost cultural context regarding the study of Dickens, his work, and their combined relation to Italy" says Allingham.  "I am thrilled, not only to present my own work, but also to learn what my colleagues and fellow 'Dickensians' from around the world have produced."

Allingham will go on sabbatical in January of 2008: he will work on "Thomas Hardy's Illustrated Fiction, 1870-1900," a work that, although currently in manuscript, has been proposed to and accepted by Mellen Press.  It will be completed by September of 2008.

In addition to his research, Allingham has also played an academic role in organizing events related to his educational domain.  In May, he, along with several of his colleagues, attended the 10th Annual OISE/UT-Faculties of Education-Ministry of Education Conference, an annual forum held in Toronto.  Allingham sat on the Board of Conference Organizers and served as Facilitator for English Language Arts Elementary and Secondary.  

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