English Graduate Faculty and Areas of Specialization

Faculty Member / email

Area of Specialization

Dr. Alice den Otter


British romantic literature (especially William Blake, Anna Letitia Barbauld, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Mary Shelley), gift exchange, and rhetorical theory

Dr. Monica Flegel


Cultural studies, specifically: Victorian literature and culture; children's literature and culture; fan and media studies; and animal studies

Dr. Anna Guttman


Postcolonial literature and culture, including literature and culture of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and their diasporas; multicultural literature; travel writing; women's writing; gender and sexuality; nations and nationalisms; globalization

Dr. Max Haiven



Cultural and media studies; critical theory; political economy of culture and cultural production; cultures of capitalism and finance; social movements; oppression, exploitation and inequality.

Dr. Daniel Hannah


American literature (especially nineteenth-century); British romantic literature; transatlantic studies; comics and graphic narratives; queer theory; ecocriticism.

Dr. Douglas Hayes


Medieval and Tudor drama, classical, medieval, and renaissance rhetoric, Scots Makars, scholarly editing, and digital humanities

Dr. Douglas Ivison


Canadian literature; urban and spatial studies; science fiction; popular culture; travel and adventure narratives; ecocriticism

Dr. Judith Leggatt


Indigenous literature and theory; speculative fiction; Canadian literature; Caribbean literature; women's literature

Dr. Cheryl Lousley


Contemporary Canadian literature, environmental literary and cultural studies, feminist studies, social and cultural theory, and globalization

Dr. Chris Parkes


Children's literature, and eighteenth-century literature

Dr. Scott Pound


Poetry and poetics, media history, the literary avant-gardes, and American literature, and also supervise creative projects in a variety of modes and genres

Dr. Jenny Roth

Adjunct to Department of English


Feminist law and literature, cyberfeminism, feminist cultural studies and fan studies, and women and leadership

Dr. Batia Stolar


Immigrant literatures and film, Canadian and American literatures, visual culture, the Gothic

Dr. Rachel Warburton


Early modern (16th and 17th century) English literature and culture; early women's writing; histories of sexuality; feminist, gender, and queer theory