Undergraduate Program Description

First year courses

Provide the beginning skills for our upper year courses.  Students entering first-year can take Foundations of Literary Study (required of English majors) as well as any other first year courses offered.   

Literature courses

Are designed to introduce students to an international range of engaging texts, including novels, poetry, drama and short fiction from different historical periods. Students also learn to critically read strategies of persuasion and representation in a variety of media that could include advertising, correspondence, political speeches and film.   

English 1115: Foundations of Literary Study

An introduction to literary study, focusing on texts from the major genres (drama, poetry, prose) within their historical and cultural contexts. Emphasis will be given to the development of skills in critical analysis, research, writing, and documentation.  
NOTE:  ENGL 1115 is a required course for English majors.

English 1116: Native & Newcomer Literatures in Canada: Contact Zones

An introduction to First Nations and settler literature in Canada, focusing on the ways in which the writing of these groups helps to define, negotiate, and critique the relationships between all Canadian treaty people.  Texts from a variety of genres, such as fiction, travel and exploration narrative, life writing, poetry, songs, drama and film, will be studied in their historical, political, and cultural contexts.   

English 1117: Introduction to Popular Culture

An introduction to the critical study of popular culture, considering definitions of “the popular” and how popular movements, genres, and subcultures emerge and develop. Popular culture theories and their applications will be covered; a variety of cultural texts will be analyzed.    

English 1118: Introduction to Film Studies

An introduction to the practices of reading, analyzing, and writing critically about film. Elements including mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound will be examined. Film form and style in a variety of genres, such as the documentary, experimental film, narrative cinema, and animation, will be covered. Attention will be paid to the role of cinema, and cinema studies, as cultural institutions.   

Writing courses

Offer the opportunity to hone writing and research skills academically or professionally in a variety of modes and forms, providing students with valuable tools for their future studies in whatever discipline they pursue. 

English 1015: Introduction to Academic Writing

An introduction to university-level standards of composition, revision, editing, research, and documentation. A review of English grammar (word and sentence level) and rhetorical forms (paragraph level and beyond), and a study of the methods and conventions of academic argumentation and research, with an emphasis on finding and evaluating sources, formulating research questions, developing arguments, and composing various types of analyses including academic essays.   

English 1016: Introduction to Professional Writing

An introduction to professional-level standards of composition, revision, editing, research and documentation.  A review of English grammar (word and sentence level), rhetorical forms (paragraph level and beyond), and a study of writing in a variety of professional contexts with an emphasis on assessing rhetorical situations and crafting messages to inform and persuade diverse audiences in a variety of forms and formats.   

Second Year Courses

Second year courses are now all 0.5FCE courses 
Courses being offered this year include:
FALL 2020:

ENGL 2010FDE: Special Topics: The Fantastic

ENGL 2250FA & ENGL 2250FAO: History of English Literature I 

ENGL 2510FA/FAO: Global Literatures in Canada (offered via telepresence)

ENGL 2717FA: Indigenous Literatures of Canada (Cross-listed with Indigenous Learning) 

ENGL 2810FA: Gender, Sexuality & the Body (Cross-listed with Women’s Studies)

ENGL 2913FA & ENGL 2913FAO: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory 


ENGL 2817FA & ENGL 2817FAO: Writing across genres: Non-fiction prose 

WINTER 2021:

ENGL 2115WA and ENGL 2115WAO: Shakespeare

ENGL 2251WA & ENGL 2251WAO: History of English Literature II 


ENGL 2717WAO: Indigenous Literatures of Canada (Cross-listed with Indigenous Learning) 

ENGL 2810WA & ENGL 2810WAO: Gender, Sexuality & the Body (Cross-listed with Women's Studies)

ENGL 2818WA: Writing Across Genres: Creative Writing 

ENGL 2917WA: Children's Literature

ENGL 2950WA: Science Fiction

NOTE:  English 2250, 2251, and 2913 are required courses for the HBA programs.

Third year courses

Tend to be more focused.  Topics include: Medieval and Tudor Drama, Chaucer, Shakespeare, 16th, 17th C and 18th C Literatures, Contesting America: Modernism, British Romanticism, Canadian Literature to the Centennial, 21st Century Indigenous Storytelling, Creative Writing, Children's Literature, Immigrant Literatures, Young Adult Literature, Global South Asia, Cultural Studies, Women's Writing and Special Topics.
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Fourth year courses

Provide additional specialization for Honours students.  These classes are much smaller and much more intimate. To view course syllabi for current fourth year seminars, please visit our course outlines page.
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