Successful Graduates

Our Successful Lakehead Economics MA Graduates!!

Graduates from Lakehead's Economics MA program have been successful in gaining admission to major North American PhD programs in Economics as well as starting exciting careers in both the public and private sector. Please see below for a selected list of recent graduates and their success based on our most recent available information. If you are a Lakehead Economics MA graduate and want to update your information, let us know how you are doing!


Barichello, J. (2001) Finance Ministry, Government of the Northwest Territories

Brescia, V. (2004) Housing Analyst, Toronto

Chaput, B. (2008) Ontario Government

Christie, P. (1994) Industry Canada, Ottawa

Crupi, F.(1994) Crupi Consulting Group, Thunder Bay

Gunn, A. (2000) Elementary School Teacher, Peel County, Ontario, Winner of the 2008 Best Young Teacher Award

Elliot, K. (2002) Industry Canada, Ottawa

Gupta, A. (2004) PhD University of British Columbia, Working at the Conference Board, New York

HE, A. (2000) PhD Carleton (2007), Analyst at Independent Electricity Market Operator

Huang, T. (2007) PhD Student, University of Alberta

Jerry, Marc (1996) President-Elect, Luther College at the University of Regina

Khan, O. (2007) PhD Student, University of Victoria

Koirala, S. (2010) PhD Student, McMaster University

Kuang, J. (2004) CEO, Inspiration Learning Centre, Toronto

Leghari, M. (2007) Census Department, Pakistan

Li, Y. (2005) Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Li, W. (2006) Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Liu, Y. (2008) PhD Student, Southern Illinois University

Lu, Y. (2001) PhD McMaster (2005), Post Doc at University of Toronto, Working at Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Ndur, I. (2007) Research Analyst, Ministry of Public Works, Ottawa

Rocco, C. (2009) Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Soroka, Y. (2001) Planning Economist, Ministry of Natural Resources, Toronto

Tao, F. (2005) PhD Student, University of Alberta

Tong, H. (2004) Project Coordinator, Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities, Toronto

Tu, J. (2002) PhD Student, McMaster University

Wan, T. (2008) Economist, Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities, Toronto

Wilmot, N. (2002) PhD Student, University of Wyoming, Lecturer, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Xiang, J. (2007) PhD Student, University of Kentucky

Xu, X. (2007) PhD Student, University of Alberta

Yu, C. (2010) Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ontario Government

Zhang, L. (2006) Analyst, Pacific Securities Company, Beijing

Zhou, X. (2007) PhD Student, University of Oklahoma