Research Programs

The Chemistry Department at Lakehead University has active, externally funded research programs in a variety of areas (please see the individual faculty pages for more information). This research has earned department members national and international reputations. A centralized instrument laboratory and collaborative agreements with other departments and universities complement the research activities of individual faculty members. In addition to our own 500 MHz NMR, the department is a major user of the Prairie Regional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility in Winnipeg, which has a high-field solid state probe. The university also is a member of the Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET), providing access to high performance computing facilities.

Technical Services

Among the technical services available to the department are a science machine shop, electronics services and the instrumentation laboratory. The instrumentation lab has several full-time and part-time staff to assist in analytical data acquisition. The staff maintains and operates scientific instruments and helps train students and staff who wish to operate them.

Technical staff in the machine shop are equipped to design and build specialized research equipment.

In addition to assisting in laboratory sessions for students, the department's technical staff provides electronic and mechanical maintenance of equipment. Additional electronics expertise is available from electrical engineering faculty and technical staff.


Shared facilities have created excellent prospects for cross-disciplinary research at Lakehead University. In particular, research projects that have combined Chemistry faculty with those in the Departments of Biology and Physics have been fruitful.